Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I manage to grad a ticket at the stadium shah alam ticket counter 45 mins before the game started. it was like being at the Stamford Bridge with so many (mostly Malaysians) football fans wearing chelsea related attire.

LFS does fielded a very strong lineup which includes Cech,JT,Carvalho and others including the impressive Deco. Watching him played last night do make me feel he'll be one of the factor for the blues to succeed next season.

The stadium was almost full, probably about 80% (that is 60,000 people) and the atmosphere was as equal as the EPL match day. I wish we can have similar scenario for our local football scene.

Final score was 2-0 to chelsea but the national team do played well with few chances of their own. And our keeper Hilmi Eliza played brilliantly to stop at least 5 clear chances. He's my man of the match or MVP for the match.

At last I could see my favourite team Chelsea in front of me playing in a EPL like surrounding. Looking forward for their next visit and also looking forward for the new season of EPL. Blues Rules !!!!!


Monday, July 28, 2008


The above seems to be normal due to the progression of technology , career and looking for more money. Everyday people will talk about stress, tons of workload, hard to handle bosses and etc that's pointing back to the absolute pressure of working.

Is that a good sign. Personally, I do think that it should not be like this. We should enjoy life better, we should have more time to appreciate better things, we should wake up every morning smiling because we'll be doing tons of activities that is refreshing and make us happy...BUT ...reality check .... most of us is still trap in the our own customized economic prison and will continue to complain about the stress and pressure and continue to dream about better quality life.


Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm celebrating my first month of my PHD with one absolute conclusions, "I'M STILL A BIT BLUR". But then I guess that's not extraordinary for most of PHD candidates like me.

I've contacted my dear Supervisor (by the name of Dr Syazwan) to consult him on this matter and what he has told me is to read and read and read ...and then do more reading. This to ensure that I could clarify the proposal that I've submitted to him.

Anyway it does feel good being a PHD candidate and hopefully looking forward to celebrate my next monthly anniversary with more input and data for the proposed research.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

MLB All-Star Game 2008

What a game it was. 15th innings and yes it was the longest in the history of MLB. Not like the previous All-Star game where starters were getting all the attention, it's the reliever and bench that is providing the whole story.

As a firm supporter to the Red Sox organization, I'm proud and happy for JD Drew (the man of the moment) for being selected as the MVP for All-Star game 2008. Contribution from Youkilis and Pedroia was really outstanding. Manny is being Manny and Papplebon while being booed by the Yankees fan manage to get the job done.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Every working day I'll be out from my crib around 7 am and the driving time will be about one and a half hours (distance of 40 km plus traffic jam plus others). The same goes with coming back from work.

The driving time of plus minus 2 to 3 hours a day do give me opportunity to have quality time with myself. What I've done so far :

a) TALK TO ME : an activity where I'll be talking to myself. This is good as I'll be discussing

with ME (I'm not crazy ...yet) about things to do and what I've done

b) PUBLIC SPEAKING : In my line of work talking to people is very important. And I've used

the above quality time to improve the skill

I wish I could work from home or some where which located 2km from my house but for now the quality time seems to be working and probably I'll add some more thing activities in the future.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Everybody knows that Roman has given a blank check to Scolari to prepare the BLUES for next
season. However the big question who will be in and out of the squad? DECO (I would say a good buy) is definitely in but what about the rest ....Talk of the town were saying that E'to,Kaka and Ronaldinho are in the shopping list.
As a true blue, I'm not hoping for all the best player in the world to be available in Stamford Bridge ..but I do hope Mr Scolari would inject some free flow attacking football to the team next season.
They'll be coming to Malaysia end of July and I'll definitely be there.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The place was recommended by my good friend Izwan (visit his blog at izwanaliwasi.blogspot.com) which located not far from the famous Teluk Intan Clock Tower. It took me 30 mins to locate the area.

The first thing I notice was the surrounding where the stall together with few others like the kopitiam stalls has not been affected by the fierce economic development (like most other places)

I've ordered the "MEE REBUS" and "AIR JAGUNG" (how old school is that ...). It cost me around RM 5 but the experience (original taste and sentimental surrounding) ..that's PRICELESS.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I've been toying with this idea for quiet a moon now without seriously implementing it. What is it all about ??? It's my version of contingency end of the month SOS saving.

For the past few years I've noticed that during the 20th day of every month which is 4 to 5 days to PAYDAY the feeling of "I'M SHORT OF RM SUPPLY" is so obvious even a 10 cents looks very important (i'm serious niiii).

So what I've planned with my other half is to start this 2oth FUND where each of us will contribute (for a start RM 100 each) and that contribution will go straight into the fund and only to be used starting on the 20th day of the month ...

At least ...between 20th day to PAYDAY ..we'll have an extra of RM 200. That's better that nothing ...much much better.


Monday, July 7, 2008


The above wording was the talk of the town especially in the PARLIAMENT (few session back). Also it's the signature for some of the newly completed government building. And this morning it happen to me .....

The heavy downpour in MERU this morning seems to be a very good reality check to the condition of my house roofing. Few leakage has been detected and some of it is really bad. I've to start thinking on the solution ASAP.



I've yet to watch the movie ..but from the TV trailer and few other advert ...I do see something different from this superhero. It made me remember about myself.

Trying to be the family super dad and super husband.... sometimes it works ...sometimes it works but not like it supposed to work ...SOMETIME IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL . hehehehe


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shopping 'sakan' at Payless Warehouse Sale ...

I went to the Warehouse clearing Sale last Saturday. Although it's a bit tricky finding my way to Bandar Bukit Puchong, I did make it on time (that is 10 am on the dot ...)

To my surprise the warehouse is just a merely 20 x 40 shop lot ....and about 20 plus people were there before me. But the best thing was it's FLAT RATE ...Hard Cover at RM 2 and Soft Cover at RM 1.

With a budget of RM 200 ...I went back after one and a half hours book hunting with 100 soft-cover and 50 hard-cover non-fiction books. Well that's being frugal at it best ....


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Finally, my new office is completed and I'm now ready to move in. The good news is .. it's new , clean and less number of people (about 7 of us). However the bad news is even better. It's next to the CEO's office ...I repeat ..the CEO's office.

I hope with the new changes ...working spirit will be much better than the previous....Also hoping that the new team member could click well and working environment will be at its best.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


As one of my fellow blogging friend always said ...IT"S OK TO BE FRUGAL MINDED. I've said in my earlier posting that I'll tapau my food from home. And I've decided it's going to be mee hoon. Why ? It's cheap and healthy (that's according to my dietitian friend).

Here are the step to my secret recipe :

1) Deep in the mee hoon in a boiling water

2) Heat up all the last night dishes

3) Mix together the boiled mee hoon and the cooked dishes in my TAPAU CONTAINER

4) And it's ready to go

And so far I've managed to save few RM by not buying lunch. How wonderful is that !!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Attention ..all books shopping fanatics out there ....It's payless warehouse sale ....(although they have it almost every month) ..but this time ..the price will be flat rate between RM 1 to RM 2 ...
So bring your boxes (lots of them) and head to their warehouse in Puchong.
Browse www.paylessbooks.com.my for more info.
RIZAL (will be there on Saturday)