Monday, June 29, 2009


Muar famous bridge welcoming us ......

The famous mee bangdung muar (it's actually inside a kopitiam)

and Batu Pahat are 2 of the famous town in Johor apart from Johor Baharu and that was our school break trip last few weeks. We're attending one of my friends wedding and I've decided to take my family for a one night stay in Batu Pahat.

Pak Abu ...the man himself and always on top of everything


The first stop is at the famous mee bandung muar hotspot Mee Pak Abu in the middle of Jalan Abdullah in the heart of Muar Town. I've been googling the info on the famous mee bandung muar and Mee Pak Abu was simply the favourite pick. I've tasted Mee Bandung before but the Muar version is totally different. It's sweet and rich in flavours especially dried shrimp....yummmmy

Some of the more famous visitors ...

We proceed our journey to Batu Pahat and I've selected Hotel Katerina ( no relations to the Hurricane!!!) and the hotel was above average....with a good discount (government rate) it was a pleasant stay. The initial plan was to try the famous Nasi Beriyani Power at Taman Soga but it was closed. So we proceed to the newly open BP Walk (an effort to emulate the famous Bintang Walk). Not bad and the food was fantastic ...I had 'Mee Bungkus' and it was sedap....

Hotel Katerina Batu Pahat

Dining at BP Walk which is next to the Old Rex Cinema


Batu Pahat view from 15th floor

The final day was Wedding Ceremony at UTHM and since my friend is the daughter of a senior professor in UTHM the ceremony was big complete with SILAT (local martial art) and traditional dance. Not to forget the Nasi Beriyani Mat Shah (the caterer for the event). The dessert was the popular HALIM CENDOL.

The wedding event at Dataran Penyu


The King and Queen of the Day

The dancers fully commited ...

Looking forward to the next trip.....


Sunday, June 14, 2009


UUM HOTEL 2 minutes from UUM main entrance

The above average room

One of my favourite area , the lobby with free internet facilities for guest

Rahimi and Widad...enjoying the stay

I was in UUM few months back for a seminar and decided to stay in EDC a 3 star Hotel operated and own by Universiti Utara Malaysia. Since it's near to weekend I've decided to bring my family together.

It's been more than 10 years since I've graduated fro this University and for UUM to have its own Hotel was quiet an achievement. I still remembers those days where the nearest Hotel from the university is Hotel Changloon which is more to a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel.

For RM 130 per night I should say it's a 4 star experience with a 3 star budget and the kids really love the Hotel famous chicken chop. The room is above average (for a 3 star hotel) and I really love the hotel lobby especially the free Internet facilities for guest.

One item that is missing is the swimming pool and if UUM plans to upgrade the facilities probably swimming pool should be one of the highest priority item.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Finally I've completed my STORE with an extended bathroom. I'll use it partly as a storage area and a DIY center. I'm still not sure what is the paint color to be used, probably tangerine or blue. But it do look likes a smaller version of my house.....probably I'll use it as an emergency guest house.