Monday, December 31, 2012


It's the last day of 2012 and lots of year end celebration to choose from ( i'm going to new year forum @ masjid meru). And yes many of us will start to look back at their 2012 'azam' and most of them is probably not achieve and carry forward to the 2013 resolution.

For me 2013 means that I was born 40 years ago and being a 40 years old uncle it's time to improve myself to be a good example to my kids. So my 2013 resolution is very simple ....:

TO BE A BETTER MAN .......:)


Friday, December 28, 2012


The Secondary School . No more budak sekolah rendah. I remember my registration day in 1986 which is a bit different (the boarding school) and yet in 2012 I'm still as excited as i was in 1986 ..the only different is I'm there as a father and a really excited one ...;)

SMK Meru will be Rahimi's secondary school for the next 5 years and I always tell him to be proud of his school as i was with my secondary school. Having a moderate result in his UPSR means that he will not be able to be offered the chance to be part of SBPs Alumni but ....looking at the bright side he will still be with us and we can monitor him closely ...:)

Anyway ....Ayah still proud of you. Study hard ....


I've been using my beloved and trusted nokia 'torch light' phone for nearly 3 years. A basic mobile with limited up to date capabilities (no camera, wi-fi and others) , still it's reliable and it does the most important function ...making CALLS and receiving it ....

Until, when I was in this one religious function and Bro Sham Kamikaze was telling the audiences to use their smart phone to promote the event ....I was without any solution ( without smart phone that is) it's time to get one ....finally ...

Ok next problem's not a RM 10 solution's an expensive gadget ....hmmmmmmm. And then the savior was all the way from Houston. A very good friend of mine coming back from 3 years expat stint in Houston wanted to upgrade his mobile phone ....he's selling me his SONY XPERIA U for half the market price and double installment case closed, problem solved bye..bye MR Reliable ( Nokia ...I'm passing it to my daughter) and I'm now the proud owner of a SMART-PHONE ...

Now ...where to begin ????...:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We were there (finally) few weeks back. I was working with ExxonMobil from 1996 until 2003 and almost 99.9% of my journey going to and back from office will definitely passing by the water park, but never had the chance to really enjoying it.

The weather is just perfect for a dip into the pool ( for kids that is ...:) ) , and since we arrive a bit early the crowd is not very crowded. The kids really enjoy this outing and getting the small Wafi to get out from the pool is a bit challenging ( dia tak mau balik ...)

Probably next time is good to bring food and have a picnic while the kids is having fun in the pool.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


We manage to squeeze the limited time and BUDGET for a quick breakaway to Pangkor. Budget Beach Resort (BBR) is located in Teluk Nipah and about 5 minutes walk to the beach. The 2 nights stay cost the paymaster :( about the same cost of of staying for  half a day at Mandarin Oriental KLCC (go figure out la ...ehheehe).

A well deserve family break long the kids are happy we're happy ...:)

Monday, December 17, 2012

BIG BAD WOLF AT 3 AM ....!!!!!!

Finally it's here. BBW 2012 where everybody can buy a Kinos' books at Payless price ...:). My initial problem is the venue since Mines Convention Center is very well known for its heavy traffic and we're talking rainy season this few months (petang je hujan ...)

Lucky me BBW had this 60 and 63 hours marathon sales during the 2 weekends. So I'm able to happily hunting for my books at 3 am last Saturday. Overall the venue is much better, book selection is similar with 2011 and probably the price is a bit expensive this year ...less books @ RM 5....anyway still I went back with a RM 2000 value of books at RM 200 ....and still smiling until today ...:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A good friend of mine and his family is back to Malaysia from an oversea working assignment. He's given 2 week adjustment stay in a 2 rooms suite at Mandarin ####### Hotel next to KLCC. The room cost the company RM 1000 a night but for the biggest company in the world it's not a big deal.

We were visiting them last weekend and he share with me his experience of ordering a room service food consisting 2 sets of Nasi Lemak and Hot Milo ...the damage = RM 110 ......c'mon la !!!!!! the worst partis the  room service food is not covered by the so called  biggest company in the world ...:)

Monday, December 10, 2012


                                                                BUKIT TINGGI TRIP (2009)

                                        MANDARIN ORIENTAL TRIP ( LAST SUNDAY)

The gap between the 2 photos is only 3 years but major changes to the people involved :

1) Muhd Rahimi

He will be in the secondary school next year, a very responsible brother to his 2 sisters (ye ke ..) and consistently wearing his white 'kopiah'. Also taller than his mother and will be taller (alamak ) than his dad very soon.

2) Widad Hanani

She will be in primary 5 next year. Wearing hijab consistently. Regularly having personal conflict with her brother ( pening la ayah) and  very loving big sister to Wafi Hanani

3) Wafi Hanani

Was not in the picture in Bukit Tinggi trip .....:)

4) Me

A proud father of 3 beautiful kids. A proud husband to a very beautiful wife ( fewiittttt). Last but not least ...going to be 40 next year ...:)