Monday, October 26, 2009


A story by Misty Bernall the mother of Casey Bernall, one of the victim in Columbine high school shooting. It reveal how Misty was shot in the library (shot direct to the head) and how Misty heard it first in her office while having lunch.

It also reveals how Misty and her family deal with Casey problem while she friended a girl named Mona before the incident. Mona did influenced Casey to hate her parents. They manage to get police order so that Mona will stay away from Casey. Casey even wrote an essay saying she hate her family and god. Because of this they decided to transfer her to Columbine from Beaver High.

They also receive a letter from the parent of the Columbine Killer apologizing and do not understand of their son behaviour.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hari Raya Open House 2009

Preparation 1 (the main menu which is SOTO JAWA)

Preparation 2 (Foods will be on this table plus 'pot luck')

Preparation 3 (making sure that drink counter is ready)

The sitting area is in good arrangement (with kuih raya on the coffee table)

This area is reserve for guest if they do not want to sit on the sofa

Among the early birds (hungry birds..hehehe)

KFC was among the 'pot luck' food .....

Chatting and eating

Lucky for me the 'parking' area is sufficient

Group photos before the event ends (actually it ended at 9 pm !!!!)

Open House is a wonderful event where one fine day in a year you will be inviting friends to your house normally for a special event. So after being "pushed" by some of my friends , me and my wife finally agree to held such occasions at our house at JALAN REBUNG, KELANG.

Since it's during the month of Aidilfitri and everybody is busy attending open house here and there, our OH (open house) has been scheduled to start at 4pm. I even created a special blog ( for any updates especially on the map to my house and it's really helpful.

Almost 18 families was there and we had so much fun keeping updates of each other. The food was fantastic and because of the Pot Luck concept , the food supply was never a problem. I've to admit since we do not use any catering services , it's a bit tiring at the end especially cleaning up after everybody went home. I hope I can invite bigger crowd for my next Open House (which I've yet to decide ..hehehe)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Once a month or even once every 2 weeks I'll go to this barber shop near my house for a complete hair styling, 'facial treatment' and massage session and the package will only cost me RM 10. Although most of the barber shop (totally not the same with hair stylist studio ...) is currently employing 'internationals, to do the operations, it's still the same old barber shop that provide the same services.

I admit most of us nowadays will be going to SPAs which provide better services especially in reducing the day to day stress (most of them from work place) but for me my kind of relaxing session is to go to my favourite barber shop or "kedai gunting" and straight away order the complete package. And yes sometimes I will go for the "NECK CRACKING" package.

Looking forward to my next visit .....

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The starting point ....

The highest area (26 meters from forest level)

Tips : walk slowly and enjoy the view

The bridge is made from steel so there's no need to feel unsecure ...

One of the view from upstairs

Ticket was a bit pricey......

Welcome to TREE TOp WALK

The entrance after 40 km drive from Kulim

You have to be here for a one time TREE TOP WALKING experience

During the hari raya break few weeks back we decided to visit one of the few attractions in Kulim , Kedah THE TREE TOP WALK which happens to be the longest in Asia. It's about 40 km from Kulim Town (to be exact @ Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim).

The iron bridge on top of the tree extended to approximately 1.5km and the tallest area was 26 meters. The view from above was fantastic and not surprising that most of the visitors are natural lovers armed with high tech cameras. It will take about 45 mins to complete the walk (by walking slowly while enjoying the natural view). I think the state government really make an effort to established such attraction like this although it will be better if they can upgrade the access road.

The best thing about this place is it located in a locations surrounded with streams of beautiful river and once completed the tree top walk one can dip down to cool down while enjoying the 'picnic' food. I've been to a tree top walk in Vancouver (Stanley Park) before but this is much better.