Monday, May 26, 2008

MINI M IN 5 YEARS ......

It's not easy to save money , and I do not think many people will disagree with me on that statement. I've set a target (logical target actually) to extremely save my money starting from this year. Alhamdulillah with some salary increment I can now boost up the monthly saving figures.

With the extreme saving plus bonuses (insya-allah) and few others extra I'm targetting to achieve my mini M in 5 years time. I can do it it I can.



The 2 pictures represent some of my precious memory during the primary and secondary schooling days. It's back in Ipoh where I had my primary school and the next stop was in one of the most prestigious boarding school in the country SEKOLAH ALAM SHAH.

I still connects with few of the people in the pictures especially the secondary schooling mate but it's a bit a hard to track back friends from the primary school as it has been more than 20 years since I've last seen most of them.

Anyway looking at the photo do bring back old memories ...ummmm.. the good old days.


Sunday, May 25, 2008


The first away win in this year playoff is very important. After the shocking home loss to the Pistons , the green machine manage to bounce back. KG was dominant as ever. Piercey was a bit quiet but did scores some vital points. Ray Allen is still struggling to fine the real HIM !!! But the bench players Cassell, PJ even James Possey manage to deal with the pressure. At one time they even lead as many as 24 and it's not in Boston !!!

Game 4 will be tomorrow and another win would seal the series. If Celtics were beaten the game will go back to Boston plus the home court advantage. I'm predicting Boston to win 4-3 and will then go to the NBA final for the first time after Larry Bird era to meet with Lakers (my other prediction)

RIZAL (I'm not from Boston)

ME + PHD = IMPROVEMENT (or looking for trouble)

My proposal has been accepted together with the application. I'll have to wait for another 2-3 month for the final say from UUM. So after a year break from being a student (post grad student = old people in the campus ...) I'm continuing my journey again.

Why UUM ? First it's my alma mater. Second, probably I've started with UUM and I want to end my academia journey with the same University and third, this will give me more trip going back to UUM for academic discussion with the supervisors.

It will not be a straight forward journey, the road will be bumpy here and there and hopefully in the end (4-5 years from now) I'll succeed.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When your team is leading the penalty shootout and it's the last kick, who do you call? Your central defending CAPTAIN. Fully accepted that the destiny for this year CL it's not to Stamford Bridge and also accepted that whatever we've tried at the end of the tunnel it's still RED DEVILS (not once but twice ...cammmonnnn)
Why JT ???? I can't understand (BIG TIME.....). It's an entertaining game. The goal post seems to be made in Manchester ...I guess (ask Didier and Frankie). It's the penalty shootout (like most of CL final). Ronaldo (the cry baby) missed his penalty and the blues are on their way to the first CL trophy. Then's JT my captain marvel and the most important player in the team but to take a penalty... NO WAY JOSE...NOT IN THIS WORLD ....and HE MISSED .....
Anyway, the good news is somebody will be taking over from MR GRANT and to get a new manager for not winning the CL .....OKAY LAAAA.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was a bit semi-frustrated with another article about Plaza Rakyat in the newspaper today not because the ever famous question...."BILA NAK SIAP NI ????" or in English to be completed soon..very soon (and 10 years has gone ). But my frustration is more to the people who supposed to take responsibility for the future of Plaza Rakyat (if there's any !!!).

The chain reaction created by the in completion of Plaza Rakyat has varied from the massive traffic jam surrounding Pudu Raya area to the confused tourist trying to figure out whether they are in KL or Mumbai (there surrounding do create that feel of MUMBAISM....).

So if after 10 years nobody cares about Plaza Rakyat ...lets change the name to TUGU PLAZA least it sounds better and it can be added in the tourism brochure.


Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will

A book on Jack Welch, arguably the greatest GE CEO ever. Upon his appointment as the CEO in 1981 he revolutionized few concept that improvise the performance of GE as a whole.
No1 or No 2 concept that concentrate on potential business that will be continued only if it can promised position no 1 or no 2 in the market. As mentioned by Jack "You either be the best at what you do or you don't do it at all". This is to be done by providing value added no competitor could match.
Crotonville is another Creation of Jack Welch, a GE training complex. This is the place where Jack will ensure his GE management wholly understand the GE corporate value. One of the famous location is known as "The Pit" a 110 seat meeting hall where he will have a face to face session with his management.
Another concept is known as WorkOut, which is altering GEers behaviour to suits GE vision.
As a whole a simple yet full of interesting concept that could be implemented in our day to day activities.

Monday, May 19, 2008


What a weekend. It's long (plus the Wesak public holiday) and it's productive. We've had a bowling tournament among the uum-with-hons portal member at One Utama and it's good. Everybody was having a great time and best of all there's goodies for everybody. Yours truly manage to grab no 6th spot (out of 10) and best of all to meet with old uni buddies that has been out of sight for almost 10 years !!! Special thanks to Norro for organizing the event.
RIZAL (in the red RED-SOX shirt)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's 3-2 in the eastern conference semi-final. A moderate performance by the man in green. The score 96-89 shows it's not an easy game. Le Bron was not being guarded well as the previous game ..holy @#$#$# he scored 35 points !!!.
Anyway, in the end it's Rondo, Piercy and Kevin G who step up few gears (scoring 20 plus each) and guaranteed another win for Celtics. Looking forward to game 6 and hoping for more aggressive play especially from Ray Allen (his 3 point shooting is badly needed...)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'M NOT ALONE ......

1) What to do and and tomorrow ..everything from fuel to consumer product, it's getting me crazy (and I guess...I'm not alone).

2) What to do and there and tomorrow ...disaster is everywhere's worrying me (and I guess..I'm not alone)

3) What to do and there and tomorrow ... people pretend it's OK (1 & 2)
...i'm OK with that (and I guess..I'm not alone)



Was introduced by a friend of my wife about 3 years back. And we keep on coming to this CKT stall ever since. I've attached a map (not sure if its help) that will lead you to the establishment. It's just opposite the pasar besar area.

The operations start at 7 pm onwards everyday except Monday (not sure why ...). The "biasa" set will cost you RM 3.50 and you've to add another RM 1 to go for the special one. I'll post the photo affidavit later. So if you happen to be a foodie lover especially Char Kuey Teow ...CKT Kelang is the one for you.


Monday, May 12, 2008


A biography written by James Kaplan dedicated to the original bad boy of tennis Johnny Mac or we know him as John McEnroe. He was born in New York City to a middle class family. After coming through from the youth tournament circuit across the U.S he join Stanford University. He stated the primary reason was Stanford has at that time one of the better tennis team in the country.
He was the world number one tennis from 1984-1988. He compete in the era of Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors and several newcomers like Ivan Lendl, Michael Chang. He still hold one of the most outstanding tennis record of all time ...a total career title of 154 !!!(77 single and 77 double).
He won 4 US Open and 3 Wimbledon. However Johnny never won the french and Australian open (some of the few things in this world that is not meant for him ...according to John). One interesting fact about him is his last win where he beat his own brother Patrick (and that's the first time they ever met in pro circuit...)
John McEnroe still plays in the senior circuit and work as a part time tennis commentator in several sport channel in the US.


It's not something that Martha Stewart probably will be proud of, but this is my first D.I.Y and it's not that bad (at least for me ...hehehehe).
I've change 2 things. The wall feature from "dastar' to framed picture from ikea. And added the table runner that jive in with the colouring of the dining table cushion. Looking forward to the next makeover.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


SUP GEAR BOX ......yes, another compulsory item in the list whenever me and my dearest went to the morning market in Shah Alam. I think for a budget of merely RM 5 to RM 20 you can have a big bowl of the famous soup. Do not forget to ask for extra straw to sucks all the nutritious "SUM-SUM" from the bones.


I've always made it compulsory to stop at this car wash center near Lunas, Kulim before I reach my 'kampung'. Why ? First, it's a good impression (especially to Mak and Abah) when my Naza is clean (it's not always like that ....). Second, my kids (Imi and Widad) love being in a car that's washed by a gigantic cleaning machine. To them it's like asking Ultraman Daya or Tiga or Taro to wash the car. Can't wait to have another go the next time we're back in Kulim.



Finally the Red Devils clinch the trophy. As one of the non-supporter of Man U (like most of football fans nowadays ...) they deserve it. But not after nail biting season finale with Chelsea. As a true blue fan, I do not see Man U as dominant as the previous season. If you still remember it was the Gunners who dominates the EPL during the early stages of season 2007/08 and Chelsea was no where in the radar during that period of time.

To finish the season at second spot to me is a commanding performance as a whole and with the champions league final coming soon (yes..with Man U ...AGAINNNNN), I still believe that the BLUES will not be finishing the season empty handed.


Friday, May 9, 2008


I bought this book at another warehouse sale by MPH last month pricing at RM 8.00. What a catch !!!. It's a story perfectly written by Jim Clark the co-founder of NetScape together with Marc Andreesen.

It's a coincidence really when Jim Clark before that was also the founder of Silicon Graphic (lots of reference pointing back at Silicon Graphic in this book) at the last day of his tenure in SGI was introduced to Mosaic , one of the first browser developed by Marc Andreesen (while studying at Uni of Illinois)

Team up with Marc and almost everybody in the previous Mosaic development team to formed NetScape Communications a company with an objective to developed a revolutionary browser code name 'MOSAIC KILLER' IN April 4 , 1994

The new browser will boost up the speed of the previous Mosaic up to 10 times !!!! (14.4 Kbps ....but of course it's 14 years ago my friend ) . Also story on NetScape court battle with the University of Illinois to get the rights in using Mosaic as the name of their browser. At the end NetScape decided to use NetScape (which i think was a brilliant move).

IPO launching of NetScape create one of the largest increment of share percentage in the history where it opens at USD 71 per share an increment of almost 400%.

Another interesting fact is the working culture in NetScape where office hour normally start late in the day because to most of their programmer "A lot of interesting stuff happens after 8 pm"

Highly recommended especially those who wanted to know more about NetScape.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


It's confirmed. Frankie will be leaving Nou Camp. Now the big question ......Where to after this ? Big rumours saying he'll be at Stamford Bridge next season , but to me as a true blue fan I do not think he's fit for the job (although I do not fancy Avram either....) .


Bought this masterpiece at PayLess Warehouse Sale few weeks back. Rev Jesse Jackson is probably one of the most influenced african-american who contested the presidency election (democrat) in 1984 and 1988. Although he lost the battle (he's african-american anyway ...) what interest me is the motivation and willingness to fight as a minority.

Am not surprised if Obama is also looking at this guy as a motivational figure since he's also in the same situation at the moment.

p/s : Do you think he can win ???? Maybe ...or ....


I'm a die hard fan of Celtic and Red Sox (even the Patriots). It's been a good outing for both team so far as Celtic dominates Cleveland (yeepp including King James ..) and leading the conference final 2-0. Unlike the first game, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have found their scoring touch.

Red Sox win against Detroit Tiger shows the dominance of Josh Beckett (to me the best pitcher in MLB at the moment ...who cares about Santana). And as usual they are leading their group ahead of Yankees.
GO BOSTON !!!!!!!

WHAT A BEAST !!!!!!!

I've heard about the latest craze in the local culinary world "MURTABAK RAJA" ...the king of all murtabak ...including all the pretenders being sold in pasar malam (they're more to roti telur ...)
I've been sniffing around town ..and finally manage to get one (700 gram with 1 inch of thickness) be delivered in 30 minutes time. Can't wait to have a bite ...more to several bites I guess ..
I'll post all about my tasting experience tomorrow.


I went to Cameron Highland with my dearest last year. There's a small coffee shop near to the bus station that sell one of the best cheese cake I've ever had (period !!!) . Not even Secret Recipe's Marble Cheese cake could match its heavenly taste (and yes with strawberry topping) ...YUMMMMMYYYYYYYY


Hi all,

The name @JALAN_REBUNG is actually taken from my humble "kampung" house located in a quiet little place in MERU,KLANG. I hope to appreciate my humble blog as much as I appreciate my humble "kampung" house.

Looking forward to ignite @JALAN_REBUNG.


Books Warehouse Sale ....

The past 2 to 3 weeks has been such a satisfying weeks since I've manage to force my self to 2 books warehouse sale here in KL.

1) PayLess Warehouse Sale in Subang Jaya (bought 80 books !!!!)

2) MPH Warehouse Sale (bought quality 10 books ..)

Sounds crazy but forgive me since I'm in the process of establishing my own mini library, although am not sure if I'll be reading all the books (some would probably stay as a display ...hehehe)

Comparing the 2 warehouse sale , MPH offer a recent title compare to PayLess but pricing (at MPH sale) can be very pricey ....(30% for books ranging from RM70 upwards). At the end of the day I manage to collect nearly 100 titles of books and for me that a very good start for the establishment of @JALAN-REBUNG mini library.




This will be my first attempt to have my own blog. I'll try my very best to ensure that the level of activeness will be acceptable (at least to a minimum standard). Nothing significant with today's date , it is just my attempt to finally create my own blog site. Hopefully it will be a medium to share and express my personal opinion towards certain things.