Sunday, August 21, 2011


I’ve been attending ASAS’s IFTAR regularly since 2007. It’s an opportunity to meet old Alam Shah friends and also mingle around with super seniors (juniors included). This year is a bit special because I brought along my family to the occasions.

2011 ASAS IFTAR was held at SAS Putrajaya and it’s my first time having meal (iftar) at the dining hall which is far bigger and better than the old setup in Cheras. Around 100 ‘SASSIANS’ turn up including the Tan Sri(s) and Datuk (s). At least involving my kids in this type of event could boost their motivation to study hard because it’s not easy to enter this type of school and if they’re accepted they will get better facilities compare to the others.

Looking forward to 2012 event.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I’m not really sure about the origin of this goodies called MACARON, but what I’m sure is that it’s been the talk of the town .My guest probably because of the colors (striking and lively). One might mistakenly confused either this thing is a food or a toy.

There’s this small food setup in Gallery , Subang Jaya called ‘WHISK’ where most of the food blogger quoted it to be the best macaroon maker. Subang Jaya is about 30 minutes from my house and finding Galleria (one of the newest shopping spot) is not that difficult.

WHISK is located on the food level , if I’m not mistaken ground floor. The setup is not very big, probably because most customers is take way customers. Macaroon was the main attraction and you can see it clearly with the colourful presentation. A piece will cost you RM 2 and RM 18 for 10 pieces. I’ve tasted macaroon but this is by far this is much better. Very crispy and it melts in your mouth.

Give it a try you’ll love it .


Doing charity works is a noble task. If you’re not a frequent charity volunteers at least once in your god given life you should try it. I think it’s more about the results from your contributions and having fun in doing that is a bonus.

I’ve given my students (in one of their subject) a task to organize charity works. They’ve decided to ‘clean-up’ one charity shelter called Rumah Raudhah in Gombak. It’s self funded shelter for orphanage, single mom and others. It’s amazing to see my students working their heart out trying their best to make thing better.

At least while doing the charity task, they can observe the situation in Rumah Raudhah and at least to realized how lucky they are compare to their friends in this shelter house. Personally I think somebody (with connections probably) should try to seek some helps from the relevant authorities to help this establishment especially in terms of infrastructure.

Anyway we had fun and feeling really good after the task was completed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Once a year , my college will organize an Islamic concert to remember the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Palestine and also to collect donations. This year the organizers decided to go big with the participations by some of the biggest name in this country nasyeed industry.

This year we’ve nasyeed group like Brothers, Mirwana and Rabbani performing live. And for me this is an opportunity to shoot photos and it’s a close up shot. The response was fantastic , tickets I was told were sold out. Am not really sure about the collection but I believe the number is big.

Looking forward for next year concert . Hoping that it will be much bigger ..Maher Zain maybe …


Chicken rice , well everybody will agree with me if I say that this has been one of the most established ‘makan’ item in this country. I’m not really sure of the origin (that’s why we have search engine ...), but what I’m definitely sure is it’s goooddddddd.

Now, not for from my house ( 5 mins drive) there a small ‘village’ stall with a magic banner …”NASI AYAM RM 2.50 “ …a RM 2.50 chicken rice (complete set). Now if you’re thinking that something is not right with the printing, you’re wrong. It’s RM 2.50. That is one of the cheapest (this is 2011 !!!) where the average pricing probably is RM 5.00

Taste wise …not bad at all, the serving is just nice and the chicken was really good. This has been one of my family’ makan’ place since with a budget of RM 15 you can feed the whole family

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


IMAM MUDA… one of the reality show (similar to Akademi Fantasia) shown on Astro Oasis. This year it’s the second season and it’s more interesting since my office colleague Ustaz Hassan was one of the participant. So every Friday at 9 pm me and my family will be in front of the TV supporting Hassan.

Ustaz Hassan , after 9 weeks (if I’m not mistaken), was declared the winner. I’m not surprise because this individual has all the qualities in being a great Imam and in this case Imam Muda. Hassan will be very busy especially this year with Astro related event. However Ustaz Hassan do visit us at the office and as usual not to miss the opportunity I managed to ‘kidnapped’ Hassan for a quick ‘I want to have a picture with you’ session before Hassan went off.

Good luck to you Ustaz Hassan.


Bon Odori is a Japanese related festival that is celebrated world wide. It has been organized yearly in Malaysia for the past 30 plus years. I’ve been planning to attend few years back but to no success. So this year I’ve jot down the event in my diary to ensure it will not be missed.
It’s an exposure to other countries culture that I want my kids to experience. We’re off a bit early and manage to get a very good parking space (inside Panasonic). Seeing huge number of people wearing kimonos is definitely new to us and it’s interesting.

It’s a one stop Japanese food center and this is one of the day that most of the food in the house is Japanese Food. The setup of the festival is really nice. Since it’s done in a Stadium you can sit down on the field with your family (having your own little family picnic) while enjoying the drum show and the ceremonial dance ceremony.

We’ll be coming back for BON ODORI 2012