Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, finally the long raya break is just around the corner and I believe everybody (especially Malaysians) is doing all the necessary preparation either for eidul-fitri, going back to own home town or probably going for vacation (latest trend).

I thing I did notice from previous years experience is the first working day after coming from the break. Definitely the motivation is at the lowest (probably I'm not alone ...hehehe) and I personally tend not to remember what need to be done or continued.

So for this year on the last day of work before the 1 week break, which is tomorrow (yahhhooo!!!!), I'll jot down all the THINGS TO DO (TTD) list and put it on my table. I hope once I'm back from the short 'honey moon' at least I'll be more focus (50/50 percentage) with the TTD list.



Monday, September 22, 2008


This is Malaysia equivalent to Salvation Army shop or Value Village (in Canada). It sells used clothing from as far as USA and Japan. I've to admit I'm addicted to it where I can easily spend more than 1 hour just to hunt for my favourite sporting team shirts or caps.

And as a fan of the American Sport (Celtics and Red Sox) this is THE PLACE. And the best thing about it I can get it as cheap as RM 5.00. Bundle shop used to be regarded as poor man shop but I've noticed the trend has change as more people from the middle class could be seen hunting for their desired items.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


I received a call from an old friend yesterday telling me that Khairil Hisyam has passed away after involving in a car accident in Tripoli, Libya. He's the second secretary for Malaysian Embassy in Libya.

I've known him while he was working with me in Gombak before joining the government sector to work as a diplomat. Hisyam is a true example of a hardworking young man and brilliant communicator. For me , the selection of Hisyam to be in the diplomatic services is correct and he've been in Libya for the past 4 years doing excellent job.

Although I'm really sad for this to happen but one thing for sure it happen while he was proudly serving his country. AL-FATIHAH.


(The late Hisyam is third from left. This photo was taken during Merdeka Celebration in Libya last year)


Most of my morning (working days) will start with a bit chaotic (and it can be worse than that). Since we do not have any maid, we've divided the morning task and I'm in charge of watering the plants (yep my mini garden) and preparing no 1 (my eldest son). No 2 (my daughter) is taken care by my wife.

Although the system looks in control but the truth is far from it ( i would say out of control). Since I've to make sure that we (me and No 1) leave the house at 7.00 am sharp, I tend to rush most of the processes. Finding the car key can be quiet challenging not to mention mobile phone, daily planner and others. Not sure if this happen to anybody else but I've to improvise the situation.

I've read a book about time management and one of the solution to my problem is to use a simple notice board just next to the door (and make sure it's the door you use to exit for work). You can list down any last minute check or any special instruction probably as a reminder and according to the author it works.

Looking forward to improve the morning chaos.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tapah Bus Station and you are correct that's the bus.

The scenery of tea plantation caught from the inside the bus

The bus station at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland. After 2 and a half hour journey from Tapah.

Bus Driver view going up to Cameron Highland .

Cameron Highland is Malaysia version of"Aspen, Colorado" minus the snow. Most of us malaysians prefer to drive all the way to the places like Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Last few month I've decided to take a bus instead of driving.

Me and my other half started our journey from Tapah Bus Station and the journey from Tapah to Cameron Highland took about 2 and a half hours. The ticket was RM 5.70 per person one trip. And as a bonus only 2 of us plus another 4 foreign travellers were in the bus.

For the first time I can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the trip , which I could not have when I'm driving. I'm planning to have another similar trip probably in 2 months time and this time the 2 kids will be in the list.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last weekend I've the opportunity to read this book authored by Spencer Johnson. It's a simple book but full with surprises. The book concentrate on THE PRESENT , the best gift from you to yourself. It's a fictional story of a boy and an old man. One day the old man promised to the boy that he'll give the best ever present to the boy and every day the boy will visit the old man to get his present.

You'll have to wait until the mid phase of the book to actually know what is THE PRESENT. And THE PRESENT = Focusing on what is happening RIGHT NOW and appreciating it. And according to the old wise man in order to get the present you'll have to take a break from your regular routine.

According to the old man to maximize the present we should LIVE and WORK with PURPOSE. Overall summary of this great book :



Monday, September 8, 2008


I've read a very interesting book titled 'FISH" by S.C Lundin, who also happen to be the author of another great book titled " Who Moved My Cheese".

I did noticed an activity called personal time out and I think it's something that everybody should do. It's a time dedicated only to yourself and it can be done during sunday probably at a cafe while having your favourite "teh tarik" together with your favourite reading material.

I'm definitely going to start it soon.


Thursday, September 4, 2008


A book written by Maryann Keller who has vast experience dealing with General Motor (GM) management culture. It's a story that reveals what was the actual problem that contributes to the fall of the giant company that once was the pride of america automobile industry.

The terms "14th floor" was very important because that is the area where most of the decision makers of GM were LOCATED located. Also the issue of GM attitude towards Japanese automobile company invasion to the US auto scene which to them is " NOT A BIG DEAL, WE CAN HANDLE THAT". The problem was they are serious in improving lots of thing accept for the improvement of the cars which was their biggest disadvantage compare to the Japanese cars.

Also the story of the partying cultures although during bad performance results. GM however accept the importance to joint force with Japanese company and finally decided to work with Toyota forming a company GM-Toyota. Their first project is a Chevy Nova.

The joint venture did not hit very well as the American is having hard time to adapt some of the Japanese working culture especially KAIZEN. No proper training on the robotic training also create problems.

In 1986 Ford exceed GM total sales and becomes the number one automotive company in the US.

Overall it's a very straight forward telling the truth writting and it's clear running a very big company and merging with another company from another country is not an easy task.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend at Sekolah Alam Shah

It's always good to be back to my old secondary school and it's even better coming back as alumni to contribute. Last weekend Alam Shah Old Boy Associations (ASAS) Rugby Club organized PutraJaya Seven a seven a side 2 days rugby tournament attracting 16 clubs and 12 schools.

My responsibility for the 2 days event was to be the announcer aka the DJ. Although I've to admit my voice quality is no where near compared to the Pro DJ at the Celcom (our main sponsor) booths but as a first timer ...not too bad.

The highlight was when the actual MC for the prize giving ceremony was not available and to make matter worse the main VIP is the Minister himself Dato Ismail Sabri and I was forced to be the replacement aka BIDAN terjun MC. Anyway the whole thing went as planned and I've the chance to meet face to face with the Minister (Dato Ismail Sabri is a cool guy).

Coming back as an old boy to contribute (although not in cash) do have a very significant moment to me. It brings me the memories of looking at the old boys gathering during my schooling days.


p/s : by the way the person in the picture is Dr Mat Zakaria another proud SAS Old Boy.