Sunday, January 24, 2010


The english translation will be reading while your in the train (or light train or tube or subway). It's an event to be planned once a month by a group of book lover here in Malaysia. The first event was successfully held last 2 weeks and about 150 people turn up to give support.

It's one of the initiative to get more Malaysian to read and since LRT or subway is one of the mostly used transportation in the city, it can be considered as a moving reading place. Although some will disagree especially it's not easy to read while standing on the LRT but it is still for me a very good campaign to get Malaysian to read more.

I miss the first event but will try my best to join the next event.


Monday, January 18, 2010


The stall (owner is the 3rd generation)

Patiently waiting for the goodies

Another view of the stall

I've blog about Cendol Leman Dawi few weeks back which is famous because of the owner non-stop information sharing. This time it's another CENDOL but a humble yet 'SEDAP'. I was sending my little brother (Shafiq) back to SERATAS and stop by to the establishment to try it myself.

ANSARI FAMOUS CENDOL has been there for quiet some time (the owner is the 3rd generation). The location is probably not the best (we have to ask around to get there) but still people do make an effort finding the stall.

It's a typical mamak's cendol (which for me, much better than the Malay version) and yes you can ask for additional topping like pulut, jagung etc. But the surrounding which is cool and friendly that interest me. So the next time you're in Taiping, look for ANSARI FAMOUS CENDOL.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The newly proposed ASAS tie

This will be the new logo


ASAS top management in discussion mode

One of the pillar for any old boys association is a strong group of leader. Alam Shah is basically in the same mould of MCKK,STAR and SDAR not to forget RMC but for a not sure reasons the alumni seems to be a bit behind.

However that will be a story of the past since the new group of leader is giving their all to strengthen and improvise the used to be proud association of ALAM SHAH OLD BOYS. 2010 will be the starting point with many activities plan benefiting both current and old boys. Looking forward to give my very best support to ensure ours will be at par or even better with the likes of STAROBA, MCOBA, SDARA and OPA ....


Sharizal Nasri (SAS 1986-1990)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy new year to everybody and guess what we have a new price tag for sugar and yes it's 20 cents more than last year. Hmmm one thing that surely will happen after the new pricing implementation is the domino effect to other product especially related to sugar...

I had a nice teh tarik yesterday and it's up by 20 cents and because it was soooo goood I've decided not to argue with the teh tarik man but to think about it what is the logic of the price hike. As usual as a normal citizen I'm hoping that the price hike fiesta will be tackled wisely by the authority.... However positively maybe it's time to reduce our normal teh tarik, roti canai and consumption leading to healthier lifestyle.