Sunday, May 17, 2009


From Kindergarten to University nobody can deny the importance of a teacher. Always there and ready to teach new knowledge to us. I still remember my Discipline Teacher back in secondary school by the name of Mr Abdul Rahman bin Atin aka ARBA. The most feared teacher in the school. Just by looking at his face your sweet dreams will turn to nightmares. But until now, 20 years later, whenever I want to do something which is undisciplined , I will always remember Cikgu ARBA.

Being a teacher myself, it is a responsibility to teach my beloved students with love even during some cloudy moments of myself. And to see this students becoming a better person and successful in their career is something that even money can't buy. So to all teachers out there ....



Sunday, May 10, 2009


I just started the above activity after realizing that it's a cool way of jumping from one blog to another blog randomly. It's a facility provided by and it helps me to connect to blogs from around the world.

This activity will give me the opportunity to get blogging friends from all over the world and so far I've added my comments to 3 blogs that I've come across during the blog hopping exercise last week and still waiting for the blog owners to reply. Hopefully the reply will come very soon.


Monday, May 4, 2009


Pasar Malam or Night Market has been always fun and interesting. I've met one tourist from Europe and according to her the best place to get the local feel at one go will be Pasar Malam and I'm totally agree with her on that.

But going to this Pasar Malam in Berinchang, Cameron Highland add a little bit of twist. Yes it's like a normal night market where you will find almost everything especially foods but in Berinchang please add another item that is the temperature. I'm not saying that it's very cold as in minus degree but at least it's cooler than most of the places in Malaysia. And the vegetables are very fresh.