Monday, June 30, 2008


This is from pak idrus blog. Probably it's time for the PBTs in Malaysia to start thinking of having similar style of notices. It's funny yet informative and definitely will get lots of attention.



A few weeks back ...I took a bus back to Kulim. And as usual the Setia Ekspress bus make the compulsory stop at one remote area near tanjung malim (if you used to Setia Ekspress you should be familiar with this place).

It's a sort of like an abandoned restaurant with a negative star toilet and a small burger stall just near the toilet entrance door (and I'm not joking ...). I've been told that the food pricing at this restaurant was above average since the operator need to cover the meal of the bus drivers (ok la ...)

So ..I've decided to try the mee hoon goreng with "telur mata kerbau" plus the refreshing teh ais.
And the total price is RM 7.90 ..and this is in Tanjung Malim ..and it's 1 am ....

Another example of "URBAN POVERTY" that is referring to me ......Next time ..I'll tapau from home.


Saturday, June 28, 2008


How fast time flies ...I was on my way to UUM ..passing by the memorable changlun town ..and something that almost every human being will least expect to happen in this town did happen !!! TRAFFIC JAM .....(no kidding bro ...)

Confuse..confuse ...I manage to get some inside info from the petrol station peeps ..and it's UUM registration day ....that's a logical answer ....


Friday, June 27, 2008


School Reunion .....uuuummm ..or any other reunion event. Just the normal stuff ..old friends get together and BRAG about their achievement ...their tons of money ..and other things that the want to BRAG ...blah..blah..blah ....

Some of us do find it uneasy ..worst case under pressure to attend the occasion just because probably we've nothing to BRAG about ....solution :

a) You've to find something which you've done ..not necessary millions RM of project ...but something that you've completed ..sucesfully..for example ..cutting your daily food consumption from 3000 calories to 2500 calories..for me that's definitely something to brag about...

b) Do not do anything ..just listen to the bragging and enjoy the function ...because ...high chance that only 50% of the bragging story is true ..the rest is rubbish ...

So should be proud of yourself ..because there's only ONE YOU ...(that's until they've decided to clone you ....)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Domestic Tourism .....

UBAH GAYA HIDUP ....or in simple english ...change your lifestyle to fit in the current economic situation. I like to travel and if I've tons of RM that will be easy.....however the money is not really there and looking at the current domestic economic situation domestic travelling could be the solution. Yet ..the government should play their role especially in improving whatever problem that the area is having at the moment ...probably better infrastructure ...and others ...



Game 5 ...Celtics and Lakers ...The Garden ....the result ...Boston 131, L.A. Lakers 92 and after more than 20 years ...the NBA title is back to Boston. On the behalf of the celtics fan who's outside of the state ...we congratulate you and looking for the same spirit (probably more...) for next season.


Monday, June 23, 2008


Well, it's not that easy ...just imagine've to wake up very early've to prepare ..chop..chop here and there've to cooked've to properly pack it up ..and worst ..not only for you but the whole family !!!!
I ...(my wife actually ...) will try to start doing it seriously starting from tomorrow ....My RM 10 allowance per day ..will be spend for the whole week ...And if I can achieve that ..I'll be saving up to RM 200 per month ....and that's FRUGALISM ...


After a week of not having the ability to blog ...I'm back and will keep on blogging.


Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'll be away to Malacca THIS WEEKEND to handle "IBADAH CAMP" which is kind of a motivational camp and it's compulsory for my students before they graduate from the college. I'll be bringing my family and in the current economic situation this can be regarded as "vacation the frugalism way".


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's a book dedicated to one of the greatest computer hackers. Among the highlights :
* Utilize a wiretapping program called SAS which is not traceable.
* Use a lot of social engineering to get in to the system
* A guy by the name of De Payne is his second in command
* Hunted by FBI through a double agent eric heinz and a computer security expert Tsutomu Shimomura.
*Kevin finally was traced and caught by FBI (with shimomura assistance) at a remote place called Duraleigh Road, North Carolina.



Frugal = acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer term goal. And if you're not having this mind set please do so because in the chaotic " everything is related to fuel" world that we're living now, being frugal will get you to live through the current situation SAFELY and SOUNDLY.


Monday, June 9, 2008


Come on la bro ....what is happening ...I'm not sure ...It's not even a week since the fuel price saga and the traffic has been going from bad to worst. The sg buloh-paya jaras-kuala selangor has been very smooth for the past 4 years ...but what happen this morning is not acceptable, period !!!!

I was caught at the sungai plong junction (please use your wikimapia) and the not more than half a kilo journey took me about 45 minutes (and the fuel is RM 2.70 per liter). I was hoping fro a mega accident where cars and motorbikes will be everywhere (at least ...) but to my disappointment it was only a stupid,uncivilized,uneducated,cheap face and @$#$#@$ lorry which cause the havoc ...

SO ...say no to problematic lorries and its drivers


Sunday, June 8, 2008


Last night, there was a very interesting docu on A380 on the Discovery Channel. The 2 hours program details out from a to z the A380 saga. From it's creation from the drawing board until it's delivery to SIA. It was interesting to finally know the actual reason for the late delivery (2 years late fyi). It was the comm problem between wiring (it requires 500km of cabling!!!!) made form France and Germany. Also the way BOEING took advantage of this delay and introduce 747-8.

And how it's marketing director initiate the ASIA PACIFIC marketing expedition that stop at various countries including Malaysia just to boost confidence of potential buyer of the plane. The first flight from Singapore to Sydney attracts tons of people that to buy the ticket they've to go into auction (the most expensive was RM 2M !!!!!!). And that's the number people are willing to pay just to get into the history books.

A380 bought by MAS will be delivered in 2009 and hopefully I can one day have the opportunity to be in one of it (MAS bought 6)



Second games was even closer than the first. Although at one time the Celtics was 24 points up, Kobe and the gang put up an outstanding show in the last 2 quarters. Fortunately Celtics manage to hang on and win the game 108-102.

It's game 3,4 and 5 back to LA and Celtics need another 2 more to clinch the title.


Friday, June 6, 2008

A new way to use you car .....

The price went rocket high to RM 2.70 per liter. Most probably you will have difficulty to move your car especially when your pocket is not allowing you. So what to do ??? How about using it as a picnic table....I've seen this last month somewhere in Shah Alam. Well it's better than nothing.
RIZAL (another RM2.70 's victim)

The RM2.70 Impact on MOI .....

1) My daily fuel consumption (nasib baik it's an old daihatsu ascend) will be up from RM 10 to RM 15.

2) My golfing budget (driving range aje ..) will be restricted to only one visit per week.

3) My family outing budget will be definitely cut. Now we'll be looking at a very cheap domestic travelling package (if any)

4) And the list goes on .....


The first game of the best of seven. A slow start by the man in green probably due to the long break from the previous game. Slowly but surely KG and co manage to regroup and at the final buzzer manage to stay 10 points more than Lakers. Their defending was as perfect as ever and Kobe seems cannot do anything. The 2nd game will be on Sunday (malaysian time) and hopefully the Celtics perfect record will remains.
RIZAL (a fanatic Boston Celtic's fan from jalan rebung, meru,klang,malaysia)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


From RM 1.92 to RM 2.70 ............



I'm definitely not a good golfer but I'm ever willing to learn. My last outing justified that my driving was my main weakness (although the short game and putting are as weak either). My previous Wilson driver would probably be the main culprit of my disastrous outing.
The solution. The Bridgestone J33R driver which I bought from a frustrated golfing friend of mine (with a good price of course ...). I've yet to try but I do hope this new weapon of mine could solve and add more distance to my driving. So Tiger Wood better watch out !!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I've talked about my Mini M project (you are correct it's about the power of cash). My first milestone will be a projected 5 figures saving and it will be achieved by end of this month. It's has been a long time since my account statement shows 5 digits and this time I'm determined to make sure that the digits will stay and hopefully this could be a very good start and motivation towards achieving the ultimate goal Mini M ......


Monday, June 2, 2008


KG,Paul Pierce and Ray Allen finally made it real. A trip to NBA final for the CELTICS. Game 6 was incredible and to beat Piston at their own turf to clinch the spot was priceless and to have Lakers as the opponent was even more priceless. Yep it's like the good old NBA finale, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.
Paul Gasol addition to Lakers has been very convincing but the most outstanding player apart from Kobe is Lamar Odom. And for KG and the rest of the guys to win they need to handle Lamar because that was what Spurs did not do, while guarding Kobe and Gasol they forgot totally about Lamar Odom and they've been punished.
It's going to be a very close game but since Celtics has the home court advantage, at the end of the day they will win it. And after 21 years the trophy will be back to Boston.


I've been quiet busy lately and do not have enough time to write. Alhamdulillah the UUM program is in progress and my application for PHD has been successful. I'm still a bit unsure about life as a part time PHD student but hey NO PAIN NO GAIN so good luck to myself.