Monday, November 28, 2011


This is one of my favorite library. The old setup was next to the State Museum which is really comfortable and well manage .I’m not sure why but the state government decided to shift the library to Section 13 which is inside the KGSAAS (the golf club) and yes you have to go into the golf club to get to the library (which for ne probably the first that I heard of) ….not only you get to go to one of the best library in this country but also getting the feel of going to golf club.

The new setup is fantastic …it defines the word MODERNIZATION perfectly. Not like the normal library that we used to go. Internet station is everywhere and wifi (very good wifi) is available. No more traditional stairs, they upgraded to escalator !!! Infrastructure is brand new, some of the sofa is fit for a 5 star hotel lobby.

However they could improve on the book collection (they can go the BBW and bought tons of cheap new books). The idea of not to permit visitors to wear shoes when entering the reading area is fantastic but they could improve on the implementation. I was told they have a 6-D movie but I haven’t had the chance to try it (the queue will be very looongggg).

Anyway it’s a fantastic facilities and not to take advantage of it will be a big waste (effort and money)


A few months back during Ramadhan I had the opportunity to ‘makan’ at Puncak Mutiara Café located not far from Kulim. This place was suggested by many from the internet and the also from the rave review from a good friend of mine (Iffil Mia).

The access road was a bit small probably since the restaurant was part of plantation area. Parking was ample and since the booking that we’ve was early we manage to get one of the best seating. Hmmm what is so special about this place …

I would say the surrounding…. very peace, cozy and cool, that explain why the owner decided to set it up far from the main road. ‘Back to Kampung’ was the theme of this eating port. The owner also setup few gazebos for customer and it’s the best seats in the house especially the one near to the fish pond.

Makan wise , excellent especially my favorites ‘Pisang Keju’ …friend banana with chesse ..yummyyyyy. The Nasi bariani kambing was really good and also the vege dishes which made from mushrooms. The total price was moderate , which is not too expensive. I rate this place 8 out of 10.

No wonder this place was highly recommended by many ….


It’s a good practice to visit the public library. The nearest to our house is a small district library in Meru. Is actually in the same compound of the Meru Public Hall and Gym Rakyat. Good job by the State government trying their very best to establish public library even to rural area like Meru.

What can be improved is the reading area …at the moment it’s very small and will be a big problem if they have big crowd especially during school holidays. Reading material should be added especially English books …Overall it’s still a good library and what is more important Rahimi and Widad really looking forward for a visit to the library.


I’m a fan of nasi bariani. Although most people will refer to Muar or Batu Pahat as theeee place for the delicacy but the best basriani I’ve had is at Pak Anjang in Section 13 Shah Alam. JM Bariani ??? Well it has probably the most oulet and the francais management is the best’s like the McDonald of Nasi Bariani but I’ve never had the opportunity to test it …

One fine day …Cik faiz decided to go for it (go for makan) and she decided to bring us along (minus wafi …). The setup is very nice …very comfortable… service wise not bad …although my mee bandung was a bit late. The nasi bariani was OKla …(it’s not out of this world type ..) …the mee rebus was also OKla too…(mee jawa much better) but the hero of the day was the bandung soda …no wonder people was talking about it as the signature entity …I’m not sure how they do it (it’s just a simple bandung with soda added) but probably because the perfect balance the bandung soda drink was PERFECT …

Last but not least ..the BILL ..(the damage) …..very expensive …..Pak Anjang is much better …


It’s cake baking mood again at our crib’s. Cik faiz has finally mastered the art of cheese cake making. Surprisingly it’s not that difficult ( from a spectator point of view ..) There are 2 version the baked and the ‘tak payah’ baked …which is directly put into the fridge and after few hours of chilling process it’s ready to serve.

This is one of our favorites , the combination of cheese and blueberry is probably one of the best combination ever …better than the rooney and berbatov combo …J. Serve it with home- made lemonade juice and best while watching Astro Masterchef Malaysia (go izani !!!) together with cik faiz and the trio …PRICELESS …

Sunday, November 13, 2011


14 Nov 1999 , I upgraded myself from an innocent single man to a husband of cik faiz. Today is 14 Nov 2011. It has been 12 years since my 'THE DAY' , some may regard that being a husband is getting yourself into a territory full with trouble and a lot of uncertainty ...well probably yes (in some cases) but one thing for sure ...I'M LOVING IT Puan Faizahanum bt Mohd Shohari ..SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN PERKAHWINAN ..SAYA SAYANG KAMU ..:)