Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was driving to work last week and just before the Army Camp at Paya Jaras I saw this advertisement. Not in really good shape but very interesting info. Finally a Sauna center just for MEN....hehehehe and they also include SAUNA PERUT (belly) ...


10 to 15 years ago Klang Parade was the place to be in Klang. It's the No 1 shopping mall in Klang at that time. Today with the establishment of places like Setia City Mall, Tesco, Giant and others Klang Parade is like a forgotten spot.

Everytime I bring my kids here it's like revisiting back the old memories ....We were there yesterday and because CNY is around the corner the mall is decorated for the festive celebrations.


I was told about this simple burger kiosk in Seri Gombak by an office mate a few months back. The word of attraction ...sedap dan murah ....(cheap and delicious). Even when I googled for info the feedback was very positive (from pro and am food critics).

I decided to have a go ...the long queue was a very good sign of deliciousness. My order was Oblong Burger Special (cheese and egg) extra black pepper sauce. The damage was RM 6.00...The taste ...sangat sedap ....

p/s : Calorie wise ..not healthy so make sure extra workout ...extra iron pumping after the makan session ..;)


One good friend of mine text me " Dengan patung hang berani la bro ..."


Wafi is going to be 3 years old soon and carrying her is not an easy task ( she can walk but sometimes a bit mengada2 hehehehe).

So MUM ( Lady of the house) decided to buy the stroller. This has been one of the best decision so far. And now going for a family outing will be much better since Wafi , when she is not in the mood of walking can hop on the stroller ...

Thanks to the technology (not that canggih but very useful)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I was at KLCC Park a few weeks back. Seeing the ExxonMobil Malaysia building do bring lots of happy memories ( and some not that happy). I was one of the earliest staff to enter this building in 1997 (before that they operated from Kompleks Antarabangsa).

In 2000 whne Esso merge with Mobil they became ExxonMobil and as a Network Specialist I was involved with the integration project (which was not easy) and one of the biggest task was to bring all the previous Mobil IT infrastructure and merge it with the Esso IT hardware. And this happen at Level 9 Menara ExxonMobil.

Sweet memories like this is PRICELESS ...:)


Nop, we're not in the Big Apple still in Malaysia and to be specific Setia City Mall located at Setia Alam. Since it's the birthday of Mrs Mum we've decided to 'belanja' her @ the above restaurant. I think it's a Malaysia francais restaurant and probably had nothing to do directly with the Manhattan in NYC.

It's 80% serving seafood dishes and pricing wise is above the standard fast food chain price in this country but the food is really good. Probably one of the better fish and chip around. Wafi was not really in the mood on that particular time so it's not really FUN.

As usual as long as we can do it with everybody involved it's still PRICELESS.

p/s: so Mr Dad birthday will be @ Tony Roma's kan ...hehehehhe

Friday, January 4, 2013


2013 is finally here. 2012 year end celebration done ...most of us is happy and looking forward to a much better 2013. But I'm not really sure if the KL traffic condition could be better and we're talking about after office hour + FRIDAY + breezy rain + MRR2 Kepong .....hmmmmmm ADOIIIII


This is a quick family break (on the spot planning actually) with my good friend Zeck and his family for a picnic plus mandi2. The weather on that day was excellent and since Janda Baik is located at hilly area the temp is cool.

I really like the 'camping' area at the riverside that was arranged by Zeck simple and not that crowded.The main event was the BBQ ...uncle zeck presented us with his secret weapon ...Lamb BBQ ...Texas Style ( well he just came back from Houston Texas fresh recipe ...hehehehe).

My initial plan was just to enjoy the BBQ next to the river while watching the kids enjoying themselves IN the River ...but since I cannot TAHAN the river temptation ...I join them ....hehehehe

A well deserve family break, distance wise not that far ...and the best with my family ...:)