Thursday, August 19, 2010


Serve with Honor

This road will lead to the main school office

The teachers room

My good friend , Ustaz Ijat

Blok A, where my hostel room was located.

The basketball court where the morning gathering will be held

New school song

This is where parents will meet their son during visiting hours

Like the good old times ...hmmmmm

One of my fondest memory was secondary schooling days at ALAM SHAH from 1986 to 1990. It's a place where I was trained to be a matured citizen and it did. Life in an all boys school is not easy but I survived and loving every minutes of it.

So after quit some time I'm back at my old school, although the name has been change but the memory remains. I was visiting an old friend who's teaching at the school and with his help I have all the access available.

Overall the school ave not change that much , the scenario, the feel, the aroma is more a less the same like when I was here 20 plus years back. Glad to bump into my old teacher who still serve the school... you still look great Cikgu Arif Saniran. Was a bit surprised that the school song was not the same (probably since the school name has been change did the school song).

It was a very sentimental moment and I'm looking forward for another visit probably the next time with my family.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Installation in progress .......

After 2 hours and several uncertainty ...finally it's ready

Mr BBQ at your service

The next Robert Rainford

Not bad for first testing ..need improvement on the marination

Every time I saw Mr Robert Rainford in his show "License to Grill", I always thought that BBQing is one of the coolest thing to do and I remember during my stay in Canada long time ago, my friend will always have a bbq session at their house especially during weekends. I've bought a very basic BBQ grill set few years back but having problem every time to start the fire because is not a gas burner grill.

So this month when I saw one advertisement in the newspaper showing affordable gas burner grill with good discount at HOUZ DEPOT in Mutiara Damansara, I've decided to buy it (the smallest/cheapest model). After 2 hours of self installation (I've should have ask them to install it ...) my BBQ Grill machine is ready to grillllll ...

The first thing I noticed is how quick to start grilling since it's using gas burner (no hassle) and secondly this grill is equipped with thermometer which makes it easy to check the temperature. My first attempt was 2 sirloin steak and 4 chicken drumstick (marinated with black pepper and honey). And it was really good.

Looking forward for the next BBQ sessions .....