Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ready for departure from Meru to Lumut (6.30 am)
Arrived at Lumut Terminal

the famous PINK CAB your service

Checkin at Havana Resort located at Teluk Nipah

It's not the ritz carlton but for RM 150 not bad at all

our chalet

Right away to the beach ....

spectacular view (this is the so called our private beach)
Transported by boat and picked up by the same boat 3 hours later


Another spectacular view

One of the activities during the 2nd day

The grand dinner ....

Time to say good bye

On the way back we stop at Teluk Intan

This is my first trip to Pangkor Island regarded by many as one of the best in the world. From Meru it's a 2 hour drive to Lumut (a naval base town). Parking is not a problem since we started our trip on Friday to avoid traffic congestion. Parking fees is about RM 40 for the whole 2 days.

From Lumut we've to take a ferry services to the Island and the trip was approximately 1 hour. Another cab ride (the pink coloured van was the island famous cab services). We stayed at Havana Resort a budget hotel costing us about RM 150 a night. Not bad for a resort that is 30 seconds walk to the beach. The first was 100% relaxing at the beach with some lesson on how to swim by my mother in law !!!!

The second day started with a trip to a so call privet beach. We took a boat ride about 20 mins to the beach which is located on the remote area of Pangkor. It was private because we're the only group that occupy the area ( the tips is to get there very early in the morning). The beach was really clean and the quality of the water was fantastic ...crystal clear. We also did some snorkeling activity and a bit of fishing.

The final night we decided to go for a nice and fresh seafood dinner. In Pangkor the seafood is much fresher and also cheaper. Total damage for 18 person seafood dinner was about RM260. Not bad considering the table was jam pack with foods.

On the way back from Pangkor we had a stop a Teluk Intan famous Clock Tower and also had our dinner at Satay Hut in Tanjung Karang which is famous for XL size satay. Overall the trip was very good (due to proper planning thanks to my second in command). The next trip will be to Cameron Highland (again....) end of this month. Stay tuned ....