Monday, May 31, 2010


The master at works ....

The humble establishment...

Otak-otak and satay really goes well with the char kuey teow

A picture of perfect CKT experience

oooo laa laa ....I was born for this ..hehehehe

If I'm not mistaken I've written about the above few months back but without any photos. So to ensure that my blogging friends can share the delicious CKT experience I've decided to do the second version.

This humble establishment is located not far from Klang wet market and it's only operated at night 6 days a week with Monday being the off day. This stall was interestingly introduce to my wife by her chinese friend and since then it has been in our makan-makan calendar.

Now what is so special about this food. I've 2 main selling points (beside hundreds of other points...) , firstly the smell is just out of this world (cannot describe it in writings've to try it yourself) and no 2 is the gravy which is the best and one thing for sure the taste never change. The price is not bad RM 3.50 for a tasty experience. Normally it goes well with otak-otak and satay.

So, the next time you happen to be in Kelang, ,make sure CKT Klang is part of your agenda.

Cheers .....