Thursday, October 28, 2010


'silat' live in action

the man of the moment

the kompang boys and girls

special drinks for the celebrated couples (dragonfruit juice)

Me taking a break and trying the karaoke set

The temporary kitchen

The 'makan' place

The king and queen of the day

In English that will be a wedding ceremony and it’s my sister in law turns to celebrate hers. It has been a culture especially for Malay of Javanese descent to conduct such an event by involving almost everybody in the neighborhood. All task from chopping the beef, arranging the table and chairs, cooking the dishes and others are being done by working together.

For me personally, it is the time where I have the opportunity to meet with relatives and friends that I have not seen for a while. The ‘kenduri’ especially for Malay- Java people normally held 3 days and 3 night , so you can imagine the amount of works that involved to ensure that everything is running smooth and this is done without any professional assistance from a wedding planner or catering services. It’s tiring but satisfying especially when everything runs according to plan.

Looking forward to another ‘kenduri’ in a very near future, in fact it’s this coming December.