Monday, November 22, 2010


At Raja Azlan house in Shah Alam

Food is everywhere

'KAMBING GOLEK' a firm favourite

Mat Zai and Muza enjoying the 'makan'

At Amrul's OH in Shah Alam

Azhar's OH at Bukit Jelutong

Door Gift is a good additional item

With Azhar aka 'Ujang'

Alam Shah's boys at Amrul Open House

This is a global culture where during important moments such as festive celebration, birthday and others , one will have gathering at their house inviting friends and relative to celebrate. In Malaysia since we have few festive seasons to celebrate , Open House is a very common event.

During last Hari Raya, I've been to few of my friend's (mostly in KL) and I notice it's not just about the makan but it's also an opportunity to meet old friends. Even during one of the OH , I met with one of my blogging friend (mdm principal).

Although it's easier to set up one OH nowadays with the help of catering services, a good planning is very important especially the list of guest to invite. Personally I think it's not about how expensive the comparison between one OH and another but it's more of having an OH that is meaningful to everybody.

Looking forward to next year Hari Raya Open House.