Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was hooked up to the dslr community last year. Although not as active as the I would like to be ,...I manage to join few outing organized by my DSLR group (which consists of exUUM students).

I always like the group photo , normally taken before everybody disperse, it;s really cool and you can see some of the different emotions. This photo was taken during the Botanical Garden outing and I'm in the hot red shirt with blue cap.



g7 by sharizalnasri
g7, a photo by sharizalnasri on Flickr.

My secondary schooling days was dominated by playing this sport ( not forgetting the books of course). It's rough and tough ..even some regard it as uncivilized, but for me it's teach you how to deal with things in a tough situation my coach always said , this sport teach a gentleman not to crack under pressure ...

This photo was taken during a friendly match with our neighbouring school SMS Selangor. My team was in red jersey , the young guy sitting (more like mencangkung ..) to the right most ..looking sad and tired is ME ...


gambar2 by sharizalnasri
gambar2, a photo by sharizalnasri on Flickr.

This is really old school stuff. The boys in the photo are the students of Sri Kinta Primary School in Ipoh and this was 1985. We're the proud member of 5A club (for Penilaian Exam).

Thanks to FB , I manage to track down some of my primary school buddies. The cute and chubby boy , who is the only person wearing tie is ME ...hehehehe


gambar1 by sharizalnasri
gambar1, a photo by sharizalnasri on Flickr.

CANADA ..OOOO ..CANADA. Way back in 1995, I was selected by my university to participate in a student exchange program to Saskatchewan, Canada. The 3 months program was amazing with a lots of first ...among them was my first time experiencing real snow, first time to work in an office with 100% canadian friendly staff and also my first time tasting the original maple syrup ....

This photo was taken during the last week of our program. This is Banff among the best tourist hotspot in Calgary, the Lake Louis was breathtaking. Probably in the future if I have the opportunity , Canada will always be the place that I wanted to go ..again.