Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to Alam Shah, PutraJaya

The hardworking organizing team members

The medals for the winners and some of the losers

Me and my team ..manning the registration and announcement table

Some of the participating team (i thing this one is from Royal Selangor Club)

The military boys ready to enter the field

I'm back to my former secondary school Sekolah Alam Shah to assist the alumni organizing our annual Rugby 7 a side called PutraJaya Seven 2009. Although during my time which was way back in 1986 the school was located in Cheras still the memory of a boarding school students remains.

It's not easy organizing such an event and in Malaysia this is one of the premier rugby event in the Malaysian Rugby Union calendar and to be part of it is something special. I've to admit it's tiring having to drive early in the morning from Kelang to PutraJaya 2 days in a row (Saturday and Sunday) with no allowance but the spirit of ex rugby player and ex Alam Shah keep me going and this is my 3rd year involvement organizing the tournament.

The next one which is in 2010 will be even bigger and the alumni members (the Datuks and Tan Sris) are considering to put it in the Tourism Malaysia Calendar for 2010.



Khairul said...

Shud have explain detail abt the tournament and the team that manage it .... Then maybe, the essence can be felt by the readers.


Salam ayoi ..

Alamak ..ni bukan blog sukan la ...kira ok la tu ..hehehe

Shahrul Ghani said...

Jalan Rebung, congratulations on a job well done. I know I was not there but judging from the pictures you posted up on your blog, I can see that it all went well. I know it's backbreaking to organize events such as this bro ;-)

Well done!


salam shah ..

thanks and yes you are right it's tiring but once finished could not wait for the next one ...hmm ..strange kan ...ex-boy spirit kot .

Rizal said...

selamat ramdhan ...