Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The banner which is full with interesting statistics

Enjoying the cendol

Additional ice is also FOC

Group photo with Pak Leman (in RED)

Pak Leman assistant preparing the cendol


(Cendol [pronounced 'chen-doll'] is a traditional dessert originating from Indonesia. It is also popular in Singapore, Malaysia[1], and Southern Thailand (where it is called lortchorng singapore ลอดช่องสิงคโปร์). The dessert's basic ingredients consist of coconut milk, noodles with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), and palm sugar. Red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly, creamed corn, and shaved ice are optional additions. Cendol has become a quintessential part of cuisine in Southeast Asia and is often sold by vendors at roadsides, hawker centres and food courts.) This is the definition of cendol from wikipedia.

Cendol Leman Dawi is located not far from Seremban and can be considered as one of the famous cendol outlet especially due to the witty character of the owner Pak Leman (an ex army). Finally last Saturday after quiet and adventurous journey (whcih includes a U turn at Seremban Tol and massive traffic jam at Senawang Tol) at 3.30 pm I arrived at this famous place.

From far the voice of Pak Leman entertaining the customer with figures and facts about almost anything could be heard. Our group ordered almost everything in the menu and we've experience the PAY ONCE THE REST IS FREE concept which also is another speciality of this place.

Overall, the Cendol itself it average (Cendol Klang is much better) but the character of Pak Leman and the PAY ONCE THE REST IS FREE concept are the reason why this place is so unique and special.


Chah said...

make sure lepas ni pekena chah's cendol..pasti terangkat!

louis said...

Do they serve Ice Kacang too:)?


salam chah,

tengah tunggu la ni ..rasa cam dah berzaman tunggu ..bila nak ajak ni ..hehehe


hello louis,

it's only specialized in cendol, but no worries , your next trip to Malaysia, i will make sure , trip to the best ice kacang stall will be one of the agenda ..

ComeyBelako said...

salam aidiladha 2u n family? balik lunas ka? sy baru sampai semalam from klate. teramatlah letihnya. keta berderet2.