Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm a person who believe in family unity. And personally going out for 'makan' is one of best way to improve it. Breakfast is always a good time to go out and have a good 'makan' session with the family. Our favourite breakfast spot is a simple eatery stall not far from our house in Jalan Surau Sebaya.

Their speciality is traditional Javanese food including Lontong, Tempe and others. It's a simple setup with a kampung surrounding just like any 'kampung' scene in the local tv drama. The owner is really generous when it comes to the food serving. A budget as low as RM 15 could feed the whole family.

I've told friends who're staying around puncak alam , saujana utama and setia alam about this place especially if they're looking for a cheap and good makan place which a kampung feel.

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Chah said...

buh la afidavit kedai tu..ngna gambaq anak beranak tengah makan walopun tau misti ada yg blm mandi time brekkie tu..