Monday, December 12, 2011


It's like almost every year we'll be making vacation trip to the highlands. Only the difference this time it's not going to be on the bus but in our trusted MPV no 2 (mr exora). I've decided to use simpang pulai route instead of Tapah since it's more comfortable.

The trip going up was so far the best in terms of comfort , much better from Tapah route. Our first stop was at Tanah Rata , stopping by at 8 mentigi rest house looking for rooms (although initial plan was just a day trip). It's school holidays and it's Saturday as expected no rooms were available.

Our next stop was the Mardi Research Center. This is a must for every CH trip that we've done. The strawberries were among the best. After about an hour at the center we went back to Tanah Rata looking for makan place. After lunch it's time for Brinchang looking for fresh vegetables.

Our last stop was at Cameron Valley center to experience the fresh tea complete with fantastic scones (English style). We then headed to Ipoh where the journey continues with makan at TKK and some shopping at Gerbang Malam.


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