Monday, June 27, 2011


The date is 11/6/2010. The gap between wafi and kakak widad is 8 years. It's also the first day of World Cup 2010. The place is PUSRAWI Kota Damansara. Alhamdulillah Wafi Hanani was born.

Wafi has been the light of our life (our = Ayah, Ibu, Abang Imi and Kak widad). Ayah do admit it's not easy during the first few months trying to adapt (the last time was 8 years back !!!) but we've made it and 1 year later Wafi is the most 'comel' baby in town.

Happy birthday Wafi .....

Friday, June 17, 2011


This is a very rare opportunity. I was at the Upin & Ipin carnival in Ipoh. We arrived at the carnival site (Stadium Indera Mulia) about 5 minutes from the opening ceremony. The carnival was officiated by Perak Menteri Besar.

I was waiting for my kids at the Upin & Ipin booth and was surprised when the MB and other guest of honor was walking towards the booth. Then only I know that MB will launch some of the new product from Upin & Ipin.

Since I'm holding my DSLR the media coordinator invite me to the booth (probably thinking that I'm from the media). So not wasting the opportunity I joined the other 'real' media photographer and manage to get the best angle for that event.

Not bad for a rookie photographer like me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's located inside Taman Dr Senivasagam. This was my favourite playing when I was a small kid staying in Ipoh in 1990s. During that period there as a Japanese garden but near the residence of MB Perak. Probably the shifted it to Taman Dr.

Anyway, the concept is fantastic, almost everything in this garden is all about Japan. It's like walking in a Japanese Garden somewhere in Japan. I found out that this garden was a joint program between Ipoh and Fukuoka.

It's a hot spot for wedding photography sessions.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I was introduced to this place by a friend of mine. According to him , the food court serve one of the best Rojak Mamak and Mee Goreng Mamak in town . Since it's not far from the Upin & Ipin Carnival , I've decided to have a go at it.

Awesome and full of flavour (mamak flavour of course) , this is the old school Mamak delicacies and the whole troop (my family) really give high marks for the food. The price is not that bad (you've to consider it's in the center of Ipoh) ..both Rojak and Mee Goreng cost RM 3.50 ...make sure to add Teh Tarik Kow ...and you're in Food Heaven ...

The next time you hot Ipoh ...remember Green Town Rojak and Mee Goreng ...



Another must do event during school breaks. This place is awesome, located in the same area (not far) with the high places of Cameron Highland, it shares some of the offering of the highlands. The river was idle especially for kids and the best part is the facilities ...good job Majlis Daerah Tapah ...

Kuala Woh is Tapah hidden treasure ...people always think about Lata Kinjang , when talking about Tapah offerings, but the truth is's Kuala Woh. The next time you're in Cameron Highland , on the way down (using old Tapah route) please make sure you put Kuala Woh as part of the plan.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'M 38 (ALREADY !!!!!)

I'm very bad in remembering birthdays, including mine. So every single year comes 28th March dear wife will remind me of such occasions. Normally it's just a nice family 'makan' outing...but this we've decided to held a potluck/bbq with the whle family.

Not bad , since everybody bring the food , bbq went as planned and to add the fun I got my birthday cake ...yummyyy. This year I'm 38 and looking forward to another great and productive year ahead ...