Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Since the reduction of DSLR Camera prices, more people can afford to buy the machine. The easy to use features plus the editing software makes an amateur looks professional as long he knows how to handle the software.

It also triggers the photography industry in this country especially during wedding seasons. And it's a good money making business since you can earn up to RM 1000 per wedding !!!. Last week while attending a wedding not far from my house, I've taken the opportunity to snap some photos of wedding photographer in action. Cool .....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


If there's a winter season in this country , probably this will be what wafi is going to wear for an outing. The rain coat ( not winter coat) was bought from 'bundle' shop and the condition is still 'mint'.

We've decided to try it on baby wafi and as usual she's very excited but it's not raining on that day , so the 'rain' test has to be canceled. Anyway enjoy the photos.

Friday, July 8, 2011


I've bought few DSLR magazines just to look at how the professionals work especially in preparing for photo shoots. What I do not know about these mags is it also have some example of photo shoot experiments that one can perform on their own.

This is my first experimental works which is combining the actual things (in this case .. a mini teapot) with photos from books as the background. Not bad for a first timer. With few adjustment it do looks natural.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Some of the photos I've taken during my solo DSLR outing in KL. It's not something like Petronas Tower or the Convention Center but it's interesting's like the unseen side of KL.


Better know as CM, it's the center of KL ( the old version). It's a popular spot in KL for people to meet. "I'll wait for you at CM...." , " Let's lepak at CM guys .." . Why CM ? Well probably it's at the center of almost everything route in KL and it's next to Dayabumi the tallest building at that time ...

Although today the attention has been shifted to KLCC, CM still remains very important to city folks. It's now the art capital of the city. With the addition of Kasturi Walk it enhances CM capability especially for outside tourist.

This solo shoot is not only to revisit my personal memory of CM but to experience the 'CM Soul' which cannot be found anywhere else.


Pudu Raya stations was the heart and soul of KL public transportation. I remember during my schooling days in 1980s this place was crowded with people. It has some of the best jeans tailoring expert in town. The makan place was also 'syookkkkk'.

When the government announced that this place will be upgraded, I've mixed feelings. I'm a bit sad because the old setup will not be there anymore, but I'm happy because Pudu Raya will be upgraded into a modern infrastructure like the other infrastructure icon in KL.

This solo shoot activity was to revisit Pudu Raya, remembering the good old days while appreciating the current modern upgrade which is clean and comfortable.