Monday, September 26, 2011


The big double decker bus in red colour has been an icon to the express bus industry. Whenever you see Sani Ekspress you know that the're providing the best of express bus services at a very competitive prices.

I was fortunate to experience it just before this year hari raya and the trip from pulau pinang to klang was the first time the company will be trying out their audio/video system. It was fantastic's like experiencing personal entertainment system inside a bus.

I'm confident with the introduction of such system this company will definitely be among the top choices of bus commuter and others will have to upgrade the services to compete ...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've heard about this name before but only during my trip to Army Museum , Port Dickson I manage to meet him (gambar je la since he's RIP already). General Yamashita was the Japanese Army General during the invasion of Tanah Melayu (he's the ketua penjajah).

What I'm impressed is the fact that Yamashita-san lead the Japanese army of about 67,000 to defeat the British Army of 120,000 , that is nearly double the number and that is definitely amazing. No wonder some people regard him as HARIMAU MALAYA ....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Tackling is one of the most important weapon in the game of gentlemen. It's used to stop opponents from running the ball to the score line. A good tackle will need to have the right momentum plus the accurate positioning before going for the finishing (which is the tackle of course)

Going to a rugby game , gives me the opportunity to capture the moment of perfectness (I'm referring to rugby tackle). Please enjoy the photo.


Monday, September 12, 2011


This year is a bit special because my mom was here to celebrate Hari Raya (instead of us going back to Kulim). My youngest brother was to register at UTM on the same week of Hari Raya so going back to Kulim was not a good option.

It's a very RED raya for us. Though it's not the first time we choose red as the color of our baju, it's definitely the REDDEST of them all (ada ke word ni ???). I noticed that during the hari raya prayer when our RED baju raya was really noticeable ..:)

Preparation was moderate. We manage to change the curtains , not enough time to do the kuih raya so it's only the kuih 'tunjuk menunjuk'. The Open House has to be postponed to next year due to technical issues (no bajet la ...). Anyway Hari Raya is still Hari Raya ...