Tuesday, February 14, 2012


War Museum located in Batu Maung , Penang is probably the most underrated history site in Malaysia. I’m not sure what’s the problem but the promotion of this historic site was not much. So during the previous school break we manage (with the help of road sign) to find the place. The entrance fee well, probably a bit to the high side for middle income earner like me but once we’re inside we understand it’s not cheap to maintain a place like this.

According to the owner Abang Rosli, this place was kept secret by British Army and was used for secret and intelligence mission. Almost all the materials was brought from Great Britain and it cost 40 million pound to built it (this was in 1940s). During Japanese invasion it was taken over by General Yamashita and was used as a torture chamber by the Japanese Army.

Although the route is a bit challenging, end of the day we could learn a lot of new historic info. We’re told by the owner that this is a private museum and all the cost is totally manage by his company.

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