Monday, April 2, 2012


The owner is Chef Zubir the famous chef from Masterchef Malaysia edition. The grill house is located in Shah Alam next to PTPTL College in Scetion 13. Most of the feedback from the food blog on the internet will tell you that Laman Grill provides 5 star eating experience within 3 star budget.

We've been to this place twice already for 2012 and so far it's truly a wonderful foods journey. Chef Zubir will only be available during weekend since he's still working at Le Meridien Hotel but the other chef is as good as Chef Zubir so food quality is not an issue.

Go to Facebook and look for Laman Grill for further information.


Yanti Arshad said...

i pernah lalu kat sini... belakang hotel laman seri, kan? nak try one day.

Beachlover said...

wah!! sedapnya makanan drooling just looking at the pix...and you make me miss my ole good home:( btw,salut you!! yankee fan oooo!! I thought you're Heat fan or basketball fan only,mana tau you also baseball fan jugak!!I never understand baseball or want to watch the game...banyak inning main tu..sometime a game can go thru 10 or more inning!! I'm just a die hard NBA fan:)

Syima's CNC said...
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Syima's CNC said...

Food presentation very nice. Kena try makan kat sini sebab tak jauh dari rumah! :-)