Monday, May 21, 2012


The event was organized by UUM Alumni and it has been an annual event. This year is the first time I joined after consistent 'pushed' by fellow friends. Our group consist of me, Adlan ( IT Manager @ PLUS), Zulkarnaian (senior manager @ SSM) and Syahril (senior manager @ MRCB). It's not about winning but for the sake of having fun and to get back together after so long. It's really fun and we're looking forward to the 2013 event and this time we'll be aiming for the trophy.



Ijahans said...

baru jumpa syahril sometimes last 2 or 3 weeks... wife dia keje kat AMWAY, ija kat HINO... neighbour. jumpa kat Medan Selera 223 PJ. Dia org tgh breakfast... Alhamdulillah semua dah Managerial Level.. level manager semua kan.

sunrise in the west said...

Lovely pictures of my dear old friends, terkenang zaman dolu2. Time do flies - Nid