Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The crisis hits almost the entire country and Jalan Rebung is not excluded. The water rationing exercise has been implemented and although our location is not impacted (so far) but you never know we've just to prepare for the worst ...

So we've the following saviour ( hopefully it's enough for the 5 of us) :

                                                                   ABANG LONG

                                                              ABANG NGAH

                                                                  ABANG CIK

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

We are affected too! Must grit our teeth and do our best to save water. I hope more Malaysians become aware of the need to conserve water, protect watershed areas and use water sparingly, but it looks like the purpose of water rationing has been defeated -- people are doing all their cleaning, cooking, laundry etc in the 2 days that they have water and storing all the water they can, and then just using up the stored water on days on which they have no water supply. No reduction in water use or wastage at all.