Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Masjid at my house

I've started my career in this building way back in 1997

During my study in UUM this is the best Pasar Malam ever

My parent house (check out the fresh and green pokok2)

Right after our wedding my and rented this house (in bandar baru sg buloh)

 In 1995 , I was selected to join an exchange program for 3 months and was sent to Saskatoon, Canada. This is where we stayed 20 years ago ...

We used to browse the google map and see satellite images (mostly rooftop picture) , which is cool. But now the G map has gone a bit far which is super cool by having street view. I can't explained the coolness , you've to try it yourself. It's like driving a car to almost any place in the world without having to drive a car !!! super duper cool

p/s : I'm still in street view fever :)


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