Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Muhd Rahimi is my one and only son (so far ...heehe) and 2014 is his 14th year living in this beautiful world. Hoping that he'll be the best son to me and his mum , also the best brother to his 2 younger sisters.

As a father , I've to admit I can be a little bit harsh to him especially when giving advise but it is for his benefits. I'm not a dad that like to show affection towards my kids (god knows I love them ultra much) but AYAH IS PROUD OF YOU ABANG IMI .



~CovertOperations78~ said...

So wonderful to have a father who is not afraid to tell his children that he loves them. Too many people leave it until too late to say the words that are the most important. Lucky son. All the best in studies and life, young man!

Rentap Iban said...

Jalan Rebung...How are you?? Do you still remember me??Please give some comments to the articles that i just published