Thursday, October 30, 2014




I did mentioned in some earlier posting about the plan to buy something to act as  my house fencing. The actual fence will require much effort of monetary which I do not have so the next best thing is buying probably small palm trees to be the fencing tree.

After some planning and rigurous budgeting I finally have a winner and it is the King Palm tree. I bought 6 of them together with the nice teracotta pots (I really went over budget for the pots ..adoiii). Anyway the above is the result.


Monday, October 27, 2014


Last weekend I've decided to go for stone shopping. We went to a nursery in Paya Jaras and burn some RM 150 for the stones. Not really bad at all when looking at the end results ...:)



I'm not really sure what's the present is all about , probably either for birthday or teacher's day but Wafi is really excited about it. Probably she's thinking that the present is hers ....:)

Friday, October 17, 2014


It's a must have for a 'manly' MAN like me ...hehehehehehe. My mancave is mainly used for reading as it's my small library. Also used as my hideout or my peace finding space.

The BBQ pit (not really a pit actually) was supposed to be used for BBQing , but lately it's staying ideal due to not many BBQ activities ...

Love both of them ...


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


haji sukaiman (he was the former state director for BSN)

This is my first time joining the monthly event. The best opportunity to tag along super seniors from Sekolah Alam Shah. All the tan sri(s) and datuk(s) are there , to make my life easy I just greet them as abang or uncle.
Was there to promote OBW (Old Boys Weekend) 2015 organized by my batch. Really surprised when told that quite a number of SASSIANS are from Meru, one of them is Haji Sukaiman , he contested for BN in PRU13 (DUN Meru) but lost to Dr Rani.
I might be looking to put this event as a must go event ...we'll see
RIZAL ( SAS 8690)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Masjid at my house

I've started my career in this building way back in 1997

During my study in UUM this is the best Pasar Malam ever

My parent house (check out the fresh and green pokok2)

Right after our wedding my and rented this house (in bandar baru sg buloh)

 In 1995 , I was selected to join an exchange program for 3 months and was sent to Saskatoon, Canada. This is where we stayed 20 years ago ...

We used to browse the google map and see satellite images (mostly rooftop picture) , which is cool. But now the G map has gone a bit far which is super cool by having street view. I can't explained the coolness , you've to try it yourself. It's like driving a car to almost any place in the world without having to drive a car !!! super duper cool

p/s : I'm still in street view fever :)