Monday, November 24, 2008

A1GP 2008

I've never been to Sepang International Circuit (SIC), although it has been there for ages. One of the reason is probably due to price of the ticket which is expensive and also the circuit itself which located quite far (60 km from my house).

However, last weekend I was invited by a friend of mine to the A1GP (the world cup of GP) at SIC and since it's free (complimentary ticket) I decided to go. It was fantastic, definitely it's totally different comparing just watching it from the TV and being there. The bursting sound of the engines, it's out of this world.

Although , our driver Fairuz Fauzi only manage to grab 10th position (due to radio error), still he did very well. Looking forward to another opportunity...hopefully Formula 1 in Sepang 2009 !!!



--iffil-- said...

lat... the pic of the car... u took it? if yes, GREAT JOB! pro habis! :)


iffil ...tu gambo arul yang ambik ...kalau aku ambik kompom nampak tayar je ...