Thursday, December 11, 2008


Good Location (Maju Junction is across the road)

Nice setup and the bed is spacious

The super shower (a showerful experience .....)

It's school break and as usual the kids are looking forward for a vacation trip. I've decided due to the slow economic situation to go very domestic that is Kuala Lumpur. The trip is 3 days 2 night that includes Petrosains, Aquaria, Berjaya Time Square , KL Tower and others.

But the actual highlight of the vacation was our first experience staying in Tune Hotel, Malaysia very own budget hotel. And very surprisingly it's a wonderful experience. The total price for 2 night stays is RM 120 plus another RM 20 (for 12 hours air conditioning) is very cheap (considering it's weekend and during school break).
The room was spacious and neat. The exclusion of TV was good since it force us to sleep early and because of that we manage to start fresh early in the morning. I must congratulates the management for installing a very comfortable bathroom with a huge shower (I could spend the whole hour in that bathroom ...hehehe).

The establishment of a kopitiam and seven eleven outlet at the lobby was very convenient. To those looking for a budget hotel with a comfortable facilities and good location why not try TUNE HOTEL.



Pak Idrus said...

Rizal, that is a good idea of holidaying in another state [WP]with the family. A holiday with loved one is very important and should be made into a ritual of sort. I did that when I was working and it kind of good bonding among the family.

Have a nice day and take care.

louis said...

Hi Rizal,

Ever since I read about the Tune Hotel chain when it was in the conceptual phase I have wanted to see how the actual hotels would turn out.

Your photos have given me a good idea of that.

Having been impressed by the businesslike and user-friendly Air Asia website that made it a breeze to make a reservation from over here in the USA, I expected their Tune Hotels to reflect those qualities.

Seems they have succeeded.

--iffil-- said...

this is a great share! and holidaying in kl IS a great idea!

tireless mom said...

Dear Rizal

You can be the spokesperson for Tony Fernandes. During this credit crunch situation, we try to capitalize whatever is offered to us, janji enjoy.

the principal said...

Nak try kat KK pulak...after all kalau gi holiday bukan dok dlm hotel sgt. Such a waste to spend so much on room...


salam pak idrus,

You are right ..and although getting to KL from Meru takes only less than 2 hours long as it's a whole family trip is good enough for me.



Hi Louis,

If you look at the progress of Tune Hotel especially their new openings ..I guess we could say they've made it



salam iffil,

bila nak turun KL ...or in other words ..bila nak balik kampung ...hehehhe



salam TM,

You're correct ...JANJI ENJOY ...



salam mdm principal ...

Tune Hotel KK ada extra ...they,ve TV but as usual you've to add the credits.


Syam Mokhtar said...

For ur info, I was born in that building before they turned into Tune Hotel... that's a scary idea.. knowing one of the rooms used to be a delivery room.. uwwwwww!!!