Tuesday, December 30, 2008



KARIPAP JEEN (you can see the comparison with the ordinary karipap)

Enjoying the scenery and the food

The setup is simple yet very relaxing

Last week I’ve decided to organize a trip to Tanjung Bidara (that is in Melaka) . The trip from Klang to Tanjung Bidara took about 2 hours. This is not the first time we went to that place but this is the first time I notice a very interesting ‘makan’ or eating place about 15 minutes to Tanjung Bidara.

It’s call SAWIT CORNER (Sawit is Palm Tree in English). The name suits the place which is surrounded by Palm Tree. It creates a cool and cozy environment. One of the major attraction is KARIPAP JEEN (extra large curry puff). Looking at the size I think it’s 6 times the size of a normal karipap and it comes with a special sauce.

So the next time you are on a trip to Tanjung Bidara Melaka using the Ayer Keroh Exit please concentrate for the SAWIT CORNER signage (it’s on the right side) and make sure you stop and experience the ‘makan’ while surrounded by mother nature.



Pak Idrus said...

Rizal, indeed an innovative idea for a café of sort. I shall try to visit it when I am next at Malacca my second home at Pantai Putri.

Have a nice day.


salam pak idrus,

A cafe surrounded by palm trees plus the food is good. A very good area to refresh before you continue your journey to Bidara Puteri.

louis said...

Happy New Year, Rizal.

May all your favorite teams have winning seasons :)

kamal said...

salam rizal,

aku rasa pernah p tempat tu... dekat dengan sg.udang, heheh..anyway selamat tahun baru 2009.