Thursday, January 15, 2009


This posting should be posted earlier but ... Anyway, it's back to school and one of the must have item is the shoes and it's not cheap considering my 2 kids need 2 pairs for each of them. Luckily for me this year a good friend alerted me about a BATA (a shoe brand) warehouse sale. And better still it's not far from my house.

Most of the shoes on sale was at RM 10 which is 70% cheaper from the market price. The product condition was good plus BATA do provide a very comfortable sales area. Will definitely put this in my to do list every year.



louis said...

Some 60 years ago a visit to the BATA shoestore for back-to-school shoes with my parents and school age siblings was a ritual....and that was in Trinidad in the West Indies!

One of the few companies that has survived so long in so many countries. They must have been doing something right.

adifaizal said...

teringat masa kecik2 dulu selalu dtg sini...mmg murah.


hello louis,

Indeed BATA has been a true survisor despite the presence of more exposed brand likes NIKE, ADIDAS and others. I rally think it's back to the low pricing and good quality.


salam bro adi ...

lama tak jenguk sini betul ke masa kecik-kecik selalu ke sana ..aku baru tau je tempat ni ...nama je dok klang ..hehehe

izwan ali wasi said...

Pak Rebung, if you don't mind,who is your good friend that intro you the outlet?

saja tanya.tiba2 rasa nak tau