Sunday, January 4, 2009


The entrance to Taman Mini Malaysia

Waiting for the cultural show.

Traditional Dance

This is from Thailand (the dance not the dancer ...)

At the end of the show, visitors are invited to the stage

One of the traditional house ( I believe this is Rumah Perak)

This is the first time (finally) I step into the place. And although many have said that this placed was a bit of a problem especially in terms of the management, it’s actually not bad at all. It’s a one stop center where visitors can experienced the architecture of traditional houses from all the states in Malaysia.

But for me the best thing apart from the houses is the cultural show that was part of the attraction to this place. Please make sure your timing is correct because the performance (approximately about 30 minutes) will be done twice daily. The morning session is at 11 am and the afternoon session is about 2.30 pm. It shows the variety of traditional dancing from most of the states in Malaysia.

There are actually 2 section of the park. The first section is the Malaysian traditional houses and the second section is the traditional houses from the Asean countries. However the Asean houses was not properly maintained and some have been converted to staff hostel !!!

Whatever the problem is, I still believe with the support from everybody the part can continue to be a major tourist attraction either local or foreign. So the next time you happen to pass by Ayer Keroh Melaka, make sure you visit Taman Mini Malaysia.



zakiesqandar said...

Dear Boss, last time i heard this place was managed by Noraniza Idris, betul ker ek?

(betul la kot sbb word verification kat bwh ni b4 i submit this comment written as "boutoi"...heheh)

the principal said...

Duh! lamanya tak pergi sini walaupun my parents' house dengan this place taklah jauh sangat...

kitty4774 said...

hii...i slah seorg dancer kt tmn mni mlysia..

just 1 2 say..
terima kasih mlawat tmn mini malaysia...
klo ader mse dtg lar agi..