Friday, September 4, 2009


It's located at Level 3 Amorp Mall, PJ

View from inside the book store...very cozy

My first business deal with Book Xcess (and this are all new books...)

I was told about the above book store by one of my fellow book blogger. I've visited the website and really like the concept of buying overprinted books from publisher and selling it at a very good discounted price.

I'm finally was able to drive to Amcorp Mall last Friday and brought myself 5 good bio books on the followings :

1) Ashley Cole
2) Martin Johnson
3) Gazza (Paul Gasgoine)
4) Nicole Kidman
5) Ballack

The total cost is around RM 100 which for me considering it's a new books was a real bargain.



--iffil-- said...

bro, this is my fav bargain bookstore. dekat je dgn rumah mak aku. so everytime aku balik PJ, aku mesti pergi sini. thks for the coverage!


salam bro,

memang best ...kalau pegi weekend ada flee market lagi ...

nzafrie said...

jgn lupe payless book warehouse sales wisma ymca 11-13/9/09