Friday, September 18, 2009


Preparation for the main dish (Nasi Tomato)

The delivery squad ....

Each delivery packed in plastic bag

Another view of the preparations...

The lychee pudding

The gravy of Nasi Tomato (if i'm not mistaken ...)

The friend chicken (tomato sauce will then be added)

MUNJONG or berkunjung is an act of visiting neighbours during the last day of Ramadhan while sharing with them special dishes. This is a very traditional Malay Javanese event and for this year my family has prepared "NASI TOMATO" and lychee pudding as the MUNJONG dishes.

It started with the preparations of the 2 dishes and once completed it will be packed into plastic bag and will then be distributed accordingly. For this year we've prepared 15 pack. I've decided to assigned my kids to be the delivery team and it's cute looking at them going from one house to another to deliver the MUNJONG package.

Probably for next year we'll do something exotic and fusion ..hmmmmm any recommendation


Saturday, September 5, 2009

MY DIY ....

The completed project. Notice the contrast ...
A bit of flowery touch added (as suggested by second in command)
I'm using the simplest possible tool .....Costing less than RM 20

DIY ...something that I thought I could do it but so far it is not that easy especially for a non DIy guy like me. So this Ramadhan I've decided to give it another shot that is to paint a feature wall for my TV area.

Work in Progress .....

After few discussion with my second in command we've decided to go for a very greenish green colour creating a very interesting contrast with the existing color. So after few hours including a littlw bit frustration here and there finally WALLLlAAAA my Ramadhan DIY is finally completed ..not bad eh ...


Friday, September 4, 2009


It's located at Level 3 Amorp Mall, PJ

View from inside the book store...very cozy

My first business deal with Book Xcess (and this are all new books...)

I was told about the above book store by one of my fellow book blogger. I've visited the website and really like the concept of buying overprinted books from publisher and selling it at a very good discounted price.

I'm finally was able to drive to Amcorp Mall last Friday and brought myself 5 good bio books on the followings :

1) Ashley Cole
2) Martin Johnson
3) Gazza (Paul Gasgoine)
4) Nicole Kidman
5) Ballack

The total cost is around RM 100 which for me considering it's a new books was a real bargain.


I AM BACK .....

I was away from the blog sphere for almost a month due to some unforeseen commitment. I am now back and will be blogging as usual.