Thursday, September 2, 2010


Got style la ......

Photo outing trip @ FRIM , Kepong

Discussing on the next shot

Shooting the small waterfall can be very tricky

From my garden with my house as the background

One of my favourite shot

Baby Wafi in black and white

I was introduce to the term DSLR ( digital single lens reflex) camera by few friends that have been involved in this hobby for quiet some time. My first photo shooting trip was at FRIM. Kepong with a Sony DSLR borrowed from a friend. That trip was very addictive that I've decided to have my own DSLR camera.

After few consultation and calculation of the budget ( I just bought a BBQ Grill remember...) the decision is to purchased the entry level unit from Canon ..the EOS 1000D and I'm loving every bit of moment using it. Still the are millions of techniques to be learnt and lots of room to be improved. Planning to take a proper photo shooting class next month and from there we'll see how is the progress.

Looking forward for the next outing probably in Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya.


Pak Idrus said...
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Pak Idrus said...

You need not go anywhere to start using your DSLR. There are plenty to 'shoot' at your backyard or around your community. That is how I get to learn of good photography. Take care.

louis said...

The picture of your baby is precious. Your use of black and white for it the perfect choice.


salam pak idrus,

thanks for the tips, your blog is one my inspiration in getting the right ideas


hello louis,

thanks for your comment. You are right , black and white do bring some magical aura to the photo

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Gorgeous photos, Abang Rizal! FRIM is a good place for photo opportunities! My fave shot is of Baby Wafi.