Monday, November 28, 2011


It’s a good practice to visit the public library. The nearest to our house is a small district library in Meru. Is actually in the same compound of the Meru Public Hall and Gym Rakyat. Good job by the State government trying their very best to establish public library even to rural area like Meru.

What can be improved is the reading area …at the moment it’s very small and will be a big problem if they have big crowd especially during school holidays. Reading material should be added especially English books …Overall it’s still a good library and what is more important Rahimi and Widad really looking forward for a visit to the library.

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Ibu Rawiwa said...

tak penah pegi eventho mungkin dah 30 tahun lalu lalang
kena bawak the abang & kakak there satu hari nanti.