Thursday, March 31, 2011


1/5 of us (after 20 years)

Effa, Shahdar and Nani enjoying the moment

Me and Bob (he's the current Ketua Pemuda Umno Pj Selatan)

The girlssss

Restoran Puteri , Sungai Penchala

Immediately after SPM, I was offered to do my matriculation program in UUM, Sintok. During the first year I was placed to class 1.10. This was the first time ever I had female students as my class mate, it was an interesting experience. After nearly 20 years and thanks to Facebook we manage to organize a mini reunion at Restoran Puteri in Sg Penchala. Although only 1/5 of the total population (30 students in the class) was available , I would consider the event as a success. Probably the next gathering we'll get better number of participation.







Alumni Sekolah Alam Shah is an organizations that includes old boys of Sekolah Alam Shah , one of the elite all boys boarding school in Malaysia. I'm one of the proud member from batch 1986-1990. Attending the yearly dinner is a must do event for me and for this year it was in Shangri la Hotel. Officiated by the Sultan of Selangor, it was as usual a very grand event. But more importantly it's the time to meet old friends , seniors and juniors. The event finished at 11.30 pm but we've (my batch) decided to continue our own mini gathering at a coffee house near by till 3.00 am ....Thanks to sassians 86-90 for attending ..looking forward to the next dinner in 2012.


Hoping for many more moments like this

Jeter , the captain

A-Rod it's tiume to shine

Go Yankees

Major League Baseball is back ....I was introduced to this game during my working days with ExxonMobil few years back and loving it since. Thanks to ESPN , some of the games especially involving my fav team New York Yankees are shown live ( normally very early in the morning ..due to time zone). Not many baseball fans here in Malaysia but I'm connected to tons of baseball informations via the internet. The season duration will be from April until November for this period of months I'll talk, eat, sleep, love ..BASEBALL ..c'mon YANKEESSSSSS

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Another collection of mine. It's amazing what a simple water splash could do to a picture. It add that kind of bursting effect but the cool type , which is fantastic. Enjoy the photos.



The above has been practiced by many schools. If I'm not mistaken they have a campaign called ADK (Akhbar Dalam Kelas) or Newspaper in Class. I've read a very interesting books on this last weekend. The book discussed about using newspaper to ignite the interest of children to learn more about what's happening around them.

The book suggest spending your time with your children reading and discussing about events written in the newspaper. At least 15 minutes per dayt should be enough. I'm planning to start this very soon and hoping to see the results. My eldest did show interest in reading newspaper although he only concentrates on the sport sections.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The team in action
ME .....(not related at all to the subject behind)
The tools and weapons
Getting the best angle is not easy
Pre-discussion ....

This is the current trend, especially since the price of DSLR Camera is more affordable now. I've a group of friends (from uni days) who have organized few outing trips. For a beginner like me It's an opportunity to learn how to get the best from my EOS 1000D. Apart from learning it's also a session to hang out with friends and getting the latest updates and gossips (yes , i like gossips).

This is also part of stress reduction moment since you're away from all the problems and doing what you like with friends you love. The last trip to Sungai Congkak was really nice. I might take my family for a picnic over there very soon (need to study the map first).


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Bukit Malawati is famous for it's CANON ....

Monkey food is a good business not a money business

First monkey moment for baby Wafi ....

The museum

The ride

It's one of those public holidays in the middle of the week (tuesday actually), and after few minutes of brainstorming with my wife we've decided to take the 3 kids to a short family trip to Kuala Selangor (30 minutes drive from my house).

The no 1 attraction over there is the famous Bukit Malawati which is full with history. They even setup a museum up there. The scenery was awesome with majestic view of Kuala Selangor. Apart from the history another must experience moment is the friendly Bukit Malawati monkeys. Really clean and friendly (unlike some of the monkeys at other places). Monkey food seller are they to assist in getting the right food to feed the monkey.

We ended the trip with a good lunch at Restoran Bagan, famous for it's Roasted Chicken (the best in the whole Selangor...)


This is our 3rd outing as a group (me and my uni mates). And this time I've decided to focus on the river (since it's sungai congkak). I wanted to learn how to create a flowing white watery effect. My 'guru' for the trip was Mosjo (a banker by profession).

Using his tripod, with f equal to 11 and iso being set to 100, I'm all set to shot. The result was really fantastic (at least for a beginner like me). I manage to get the shot that I was looking for. This trip has create awareness for me in terms of preserving the nature. Sungai Congkak need to be protected from the cruel unorganized development.

Now, my next project is to get my own tripod.


Gardening is one of my favourite activities. I do agree when people said that it involves commitment (watering the 'pokok' and others), but it's one of my best stress reliever. Nothing beat the view of green carpeting grass and flowers blooming here and there.

To minimize some of the extra efforts ( i'm a bit busy nowadays :) ), I've decided to go for pot gardening. Pot gardening is easier to manage and best of all it's very neat (also easy to rearrange). MY next project is to add bird houses (birds are most welcome...)


My wife is one of my loyal blog follower, but now she's a blogger !!!! And she's doing it almost everyday. Most of the posting is about baby Wafi progress. Simple with supporting photos.
At least now , wafi's progress is documented.
The blog is at and rawiwa is the combination of our 3 sun shines (rahimi,widad,wafi). To my wife faiz, congratulations, welcome to blog sphere and keep up posting wafi's development.