Sunday, March 18, 2012


Sham Kamikaze is a musical celebrity who used to contribute to the local musical scene. Alhamdulillah starting from end of last year, sham's decided to 'HIJRAH' and since then he's invited around the country to share his experience.

He was here in my college few months back to share his 'HIJRAH' experience with our students and it was a very positive sharing moments. From the time when he's the musical coach for Akademi Fantasia to what he is now, I totally like him better when he's in HIJRAH mode and I wish that he'll stay like this forever.


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Al-Manar said...

I think 'hijrah' should not mean abandoning an activity one is gifted in. A good musician should remain one but his life style and his music should reflect the values inherent in hijrah.