Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We were there (finally) few weeks back. I was working with ExxonMobil from 1996 until 2003 and almost 99.9% of my journey going to and back from office will definitely passing by the water park, but never had the chance to really enjoying it.

The weather is just perfect for a dip into the pool ( for kids that is ...:) ) , and since we arrive a bit early the crowd is not very crowded. The kids really enjoy this outing and getting the small Wafi to get out from the pool is a bit challenging ( dia tak mau balik ...)

Probably next time is good to bring food and have a picnic while the kids is having fun in the pool.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Sounds fun! But isn't KLCC Park almost always crowded, though. Pusat Sains Negara in Bukit Kiara also has a large playground with lots of cool playground equipment and a wading pool.

Ibu Rawiwa said...

boleh repeat!