Saturday, January 12, 2013


Nop, we're not in the Big Apple still in Malaysia and to be specific Setia City Mall located at Setia Alam. Since it's the birthday of Mrs Mum we've decided to 'belanja' her @ the above restaurant. I think it's a Malaysia francais restaurant and probably had nothing to do directly with the Manhattan in NYC.

It's 80% serving seafood dishes and pricing wise is above the standard fast food chain price in this country but the food is really good. Probably one of the better fish and chip around. Wafi was not really in the mood on that particular time so it's not really FUN.

As usual as long as we can do it with everybody involved it's still PRICELESS.

p/s: so Mr Dad birthday will be @ Tony Roma's kan ...hehehehhe


Ibu Rawiwa said...

must equal with manhattan fish market lorrr.... (else... should be more lesser hehe)

Ibu Rawiwa said...
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~CovertOperations78~ said...

Belated birthday wishes to Mrs. Mum, I'm sure Wafi had fun although she can't express herself as well as her older siblings!