Tuesday, May 21, 2013


View from my friend's balcony (great looking pool)

A good friend of mine owns a unit of this condominium located just a walking distance from Wangsa Walk shopping complex. My kids love to go there and hit the pool ( and then always asked "bila ayah nak buat kolam ").

I still remember my personal experience living in a condominum in Kuchai Lama during my bachelor days. To save cost (since everybody is just started working), we decided to bundle 7 of us in a 850 square foot condo (which is not bad) and during weekend it can jump to 12 people !!!!! (friend coming to 'lepak').

I still remember some of our hardcore 'kampung' friend who will come to our house and then hit the pool (condo la kata kan) with kain sarong ...alamak !!!!

really miss those moments ....

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