Thursday, November 19, 2015


Tahun 2015 giliran my batch 86-90 untuk handle this yearly event. I was part of the organizing team , memang penat kejenye, from getting the cash, organizing speakers and ustaz and gazillions of other things.

One thing that I'm proud about this year event is the inclusion of a proper majlis ilmu together with bacaan yassin in the list of event. The dinner was massive , food is good and we even bring Kid from the famous rock band Search sebagai guest gitarist (kawan saya si Amrul rupanye belajar gitar dari bro Kid ni) .

Also proud about the career talk , I manage to get teh help from Amru, Idi and Doc Hisyam (my ketua kompang) to share some input to our junior. And at the end of the talk I manage to convince Azizi Chunk (the Antoo Fighter film director) to give the closing talk ...terbaikkkkk la kawan2

Looking forward untuk OBW 2016 batch Haji Shaibi dan rakan2 yg akan organize ...

(Alam Shah 1986 - 1990)

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