Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It's a biography of a great man Chris Kraft the first NASA Flight Director. He was born in a small town called Phoebus and further his study at Virginia Polytech. After his study he was due to join Chance Vought ( but was not accepted because of birth certificate problem). He join NASA (aeronautical research).

Involve in the space mission war between Russia and America (started with the Sputnik 1 mission). When JFK announce the Saturn and Apollo project Chris Kraft join STG (Special task Group). And his first task was to design the first NASA Control Center.

Was the mission control director when Apollo 11 (with Neil Amstrong,Buzz Aldrin and Collins) landed on the Moon. Kraft was also the Man in charge for the last Apollo project , Apollo 17.

Interesting fact: When the decision was to be made between Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on who'll be the first man in the moon by NASA, they decided on Amstrong because of his down to earth and soft spoken attitude that portrays better true american hero.



Rentap Iban said...

I am wondering, why there is no moon exploration yet..Some people said appolo was not landed at moon. It just a propogation of U.S to challenge the technology of Soviet..What do you think?

izwan ali wasi said...

"his down to earth and soft spoken attitude"? is it a pre requisite or only value added to become a true hero bro?