Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've read a book that stress on the importance of brain massage or brain exercise. Sound a bit strange but the more I read , the more I noticed that frequent and routine job for example going to work at the same time and using the same path is not fun for your brain. And a brain that is not motivated is not good as a whole.

The book suggest the simplest brain exercise is to do some different once a while to your frequent task. For example going to work using a different route or instead of TT session at your favourite mamak stall do it at a chinese kopitiam.

Good luck



the principal said...

I came across an ad promoting brainpower prog for students & adults ( I wanted to know more about this prog but couldnt afford it. So, I became one of their instructors for one of their progs - PACE prog(processing and cognitive enhancement) for one year. I benefitted a lot from this prog. The prog fee : RM3,200 (1 1/2hrs per session. Total 24 sessions).

Exper-Mental Noise said...

betui tu bang bull.