Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've read an article about the above few months back. It's a very creative concept of "sentimental" memory database. Most of us probably do have our own diary or blog to jot down the important occasions in our day to day living, things like birthday, the date we bought our new car or house, the day our son/daughter being accepted to the university and others.

The concept of memory jar is basically the same. The only difference is that all the "sweet" moments will be written down on a piece of paper and to be kept inside the jar. The writer do suggest that the jar to be opened during special gathering for example family reunion or birthday .

I'm planning to have one very soon.



Ezza Aziz said...

Hmm Idea yang creative dan bagus. Akak pun nak praktik kan laa. Buka bila malam tahun baru ke..malam raya tahun depan ke..Thank you for sharing idea ni.
Selamat hari raya to Rizal and family. Kampung kat kulim! Sempat ke mengharungi jem kat jalan raya? Tapi kalau tak jam,bukan balik raya nama nya ,kan! Akak balik Batu Caves jer . Sedara mara kat Kuang,lalu puncak alam saja.Sebelah suami sekitar pandamaran saja. Hari raya pertama dah habis round. Sekarang ni dok me round rumah terbuka kengkawan.
Happy selalu!


salam kak ezza,

tak de masalah.Rizal pun baru nak try tengok ..nampak cam best .

Balik kulim alhamdulillah tak de sangkut sebab memang plan balik bukak masa peak.

Sama cam akak happy selalu !!

the principal said...

I wanna do it too tp kena modify sikit. Mine will be memory box coz I love collecting nice boxes.


mdm principal ...

good luck ...please let me know once completed.

Pak Idrus said...

rizal, a great idea, do it. Better still to have two jars, one for the note and one to put the ringgit. Do it equally, every time you put a note in one jar you put a fifty ringgit bill in the other jar. I believe you would enjoy it when you open the jar.

Have a nice day.


salam pak idrus..

Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed adding RM together with the memories will definitely add value. Maybe the better the memory the bigger the number of RM.